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I'm 20, very busy, and try to play games when ever I get a chance. I am currently a Digital Art student at BGSU. I play WoW, not obsessively, but still a bit. I'm always on Steam so if you ever want to talk, add me!

If you would like to play some games hit me up on:

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So I suck ass and have not posted here in on year. This time last year I made a post about going to PAx. Can you guess what this post is about?

So yeah, I'm going to PAX East again. I'm pumped for everything that's being announced. The 3DS, Duke Nukem, Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, etc. This year seems like it will be crazier than last year. I'm excited to see what I can do to meet some DToid people. I won't be able to make it to the party since I'm still under 21. Next year though, me and my friend are coming along FOR SURE.

Other than being excited for PAX, I've been playing a lot of games. Got Bulletstorm which I enjoy, I just haven't beaten it yet. Quite entertaining. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, which I suck at but still enjoy. I want to get better, but I just play too many other games to really focus on it. I JUST started playing League of Legends. My friends finally got me hooked. I'm decent at it I believe.

I've got my other main games I play, like WoW and Minecraft. Lots and lots of minecraft. But yeah, if anyone is going to PAX leave a comment or hit me up. I would LOVE to start meeting more people and getting more involved here. I'm going to try and use this post to kick start my activity here again.


My friend and I made a podcast about last year, this year, and pokemanz. If you would like to hear me rant and talk about general stupidity, hit up the link below.




I forgot I was going to leave you guys with this picture from last year to enjoy!


11:32 PM on 03.09.2010

So, I never update, but I feel like mentioning that I am going to PAX East would be a good enough reason to update. I want to know anyone that is going and I cannot wait to meet up with people from Destructoid there. I've never been to a convention like this and my friend and I are excited beyond belief.

To make this blog worthwhile, I feel like a mention of what I'm playing is fair. I'm playing Final Fantasy 13 right now, trying to beat it before I go back to college. The battle system is a nice blend between a turn based system, and the gambit system of FF 12. It makes me feel like I'm doing way more than I actually am. The problem with the gambit system for me was the feeling that I could just sit there and I didn't feel like I was involved with the combat. In 13, if I don't like what the computer decides, I just pop down to abilities and choose what I want. I'm seriously loving this system.

I can't really comment on the story yet as I'm not that far, but I'm also liking the voice acting. Sure, a couple cheesy lines come out, but for the most part, it's seems pretty solid. Snow may say some stupid shit about "heros" all the time, but I like the rest of his performance so far.

One random thing that I've been meaning to post, is that my college recently had a visiting texture artist ,Maury Mountain, that graduated from my college. He works at Epic Games and worked on GoW, Unreal championship 2, UT3, and a little on Shadow Complex. It was a great presentation and incredibly interesting. See, I want to work in the industry. I am going to college to hopefully specialize in modeling. I don't know why, but I just love sitting there and creating models. It's fascinating to me.

Now, the talk wasn't so much inspiring to me as it was motivational. When he talked about how his job is structured, I just sat there and went "This is exactly how I want to work." and I've gotten a new found motivation to go that extra mile for my work. If I can get the talk (we recorded it), I will find a way to put it on youtube. It's not exactly the most amazing presentation, but it gives a good idea of how things at Epic are run.

So, that's basically what I've been up to. I hope to see a bunch of you at PAX!

There it is. Doesn't look like anything too groundbreaking, but what you you guys think?

So, Madworld came out. I had preordered it a couple weeks ago after more videos starting appearing on the interwebs. I was pumped for it, I picked it up Wednesday, and I beat it Thursday night(Which really did not help the completion of my homework).

I absolutely LOVED this game. I don't know what it is, but from the first time I jammed a caution sign through a guys head to the AWESOME ending, I was blown away by this game.

I had seen many videos of the game and the art style seemed impressive. I was amazed by how good it looks in motion on my screen. The first city overview shot looked so well defined on the edges of the buildings and got me excited to chop some guys in half. The gameplay is surprisingly deep in my view. I was amazed by how many items I could find in the stage to kill a guy. The environment kills also were fun for the first couple times. They were also improved by the combo killings you can rack up when more options become available.

Which brings me to the point where I disagree with some people saying it's repetitive. I found so many different ways to kill people and they kept throwing more at me throughout the stage. The environment also rapidly changes throughout the game and I personally never got bored of an environment. Some games stick with one major environment that can get boring, Guild Wars did this as the first part of the post-apocalyptic area was too long. When it changed it up, I became much more interested in the game, and Madworld gave me that feeling with every level, which was different enough for me to enjoy.

The other complaint I partially disagree with is the difficulty. The end stages did give me a good bit of challenge, and I found myself cursing one of the later bosses(Frank.....grrrrrr). The difficulty was enough for me. I do think that if they offered Hard mode, there would have much less complaining about the difficulty. The repeating of the mini games was also a bit disappointing.

The last things that really hit me about it are the commentary, the story, and the Music. The commentary is hilarious and while it does get lost with the music, sound effects, and voices, it is still very funny. I was also very iffy about the music when I first heard about it, but with it actually in the game, it fits it so well. The lyrics are also ALL about the game, every artist related it in some way. The story was surprisingly deep and caught me off guard. I really started to like Jack and the way the story flowed seemed to always work.

The ending of the game was also one of the best I have played in a while. None of it felt rushed, and they did not over do the quick time events in the cinematic. I don't know what it was, but the ending made me really love this game.

I REALLY liked Madworld. I would recommend it to any person that owns a Wii and feels they have run out of games to play. I have actually put this game in my top 10, I have quickly fallen in love with it, despite the few faults that I can personally over look. If you want something to play on your Wii, get this game.


*Very tiny spoilers*

P.S One of my favorite lines from a video game is I have a chainsaw on my arm! I'll be alright!

Also, I do a good bit of Computer Graphics work. I have been considering asking you guys for things to model. It won't be super amazing, I'm only in high school, but I love to do CG stuff. Let me know what you think of this and I'll make a post for ideas if I get enough interest!
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I've been reading Destructoid for a while now, but I just decided to go ahead and make a blog today. I'll probably post some of my CG projects on here and talk about some of my gaming experiences.

Also, if anyone else on D-toid plays on the Server Magtheridon, PM me on Deathzim (My death Knight if you couldn't guess). Feel free to add me on any of my tags in my profile.