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CommanderMeaty avatar 12:08 PM on 06.11.2011  (server time)
10 Sequels or reboots that should be in the making (my opinion)

Hi I am only listing franchises that need a return.

By the way, sorry if I don't know how to write anymore :(

10. TimeSplitter:
Come on of course a current-gen outing would be awesome! hoping that the single player is better :P

9.Destroy all humans!:
They haven't made a sequel since Big willy Unleashed! which was kinda great, but the motion control made the game frustrating (without exagerating) and messy, SO I AM ASKING FOR A GOOD SEQUEL ON PS3 & X360 With the sense of humor that made the game so fun!

Obviously, I first learned about the game when I heard this was a freeware, after playing the hell out of it, I am starting to wish there was a sequel of it.
I don't believe this would ever happen but a man can dream! I don't know, maybe telltales would handle it :3
The game is VERY hard (so hard I couldn't manage to finish it yet), but at the same time there are many funny details in the game that you can find out (Everytime he pick up something, he then put the item in his pants) most dialogs on the game are hilarious, here is an example.... oh, I don't remember any :O, BUT I SWEAR YOU CAN TRUST ME ;)
And the character is called MARK HOPPER :O, SOUNDS LIKE MARK HOPPUS THE BASSIST FROM blink-182!! :D

7. Parappa the Rapper:

I guess I gonna believe for a follow-up

THERE SHOULD BE A NEW QUAKE GAME! END OF DISCUSSION...eww this picture irritate my dick ;P

FOR HELL SAKE THIS GAME WAS AWESOME!!! but I don't know if this would be likely... Atari owns the ip, and Monolith software is owned by Warner Bros Interactive Gaming...

4.Commander Keen:
DEAR I'd Soft you ware, if you aren't going to bother for a new Commander Keen game, at least handle the development to somebody else!, wouldn't that be awesome? to play a Psn & X360 and Pc 2D platforming Commander Keen, re-sprited in a hand drawn direction? DUDE THAT WOULD ROCK :D

Same here

would be awesome, but I don't know if they would really make this a success >_>
If only my childhood was relived of awesomness ;)
note: this list is unranked

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