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CommanderMeaty's blog

1:28 PM on 08.01.2011

Micro Transaction should die!

see EVE ONLINE, and now DIABLO especially with the PAY 2 WIN FORMULA. no buy from me   read

12:17 AM on 07.19.2011

How can Sony CE can promise a great solid sexy launch for the Playstation vita!

Being able to delete stuff, create folders without interrupting the music you are listening to This was a major prob the Psp had, and not only that but it should also have uninterrupted experience while heading to the options...   read

12:08 PM on 06.11.2011

10 Sequels or reboots that should be in the making (my opinion)

Hi I am only listing franchises that need a return. By the way, sorry if I don't know how to write anymore :( 10. TimeSplitter: Come on of course a current-gen outing would be awesome! hoping that the single player is bette...   read

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