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So, games are awesome.

Or are they?

Mostly not no, but some CAN be.

You could say I'm on a journey to find those games. However the only real way to make it easy is to destroy the ones that aren't awesome and destroy them I will! With my words no less.


I try to reject most conventions, whether of religion, manners, housing, dress, or decency.

Emphasis on the word try.

My opinion is MY opinion though and that's all you'll get. Hopefully you respect it. Do so and I'll respect your opinion. That way everyone's happy! Unless I played a REALLY bad game.

A little about me.

To me, self-interest is the primary motive of human behaviour, and I am disinclined to rely upon sincerity, human virtue, or altruism as motivations in others.

Other than that I'm a pretty positive guy! I live in the UK, I'm in a band called Electric Slim and I like to direct, edit and occasionally star in films. That and play games.
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The Plot

Your chosen character becomes a Grey Warden whose duty is to unite the races of Elves, Dwarves and Men (as well as mages) to fight the Darkspawn. Very LOTR in essence.

The Look

Your character 'The Warden' is completely customizable at the beginning of the game from appearance down to race and culture. The world of Ferelden itself is beautiful at it's highest points but never lacking detail at it's lowest.

The Sound

Tim Curry, Steve Blum and Uncharted's Victor Sullivan. What's not to love here? The score itself is a little uninspired, but there's rarely an off bit of dialogue. It can be quite humorous at times too.

The Feel

The atmosphere is durable and the lore is vast. The 'choose your own' morality of the game doesn't just limit you to a good choice or an evil choice. In fact it is usually about you choosing what you feel is the best course of action in a mostly grey area. A fitting task for a Grey Warden.

The Handling

The game gives an illusion of total control over your teammates tactics. I say illusion only because, you indeed do have total control of your teammates tactics on the tactics screen, but in combat the game sometimes just forgets what you've told it. That and the system is also flawed by the difficulty spikes at random intervals.

The Rest

The odd glitch here and there. An annoying lack of direction when it comes to finding and completing side quests, coupled with long load times makes for an irritating downside when it comes to Dragon Age: Origins. However, my scales of judgement dip further on originality, outweighing these technical problems. Although once again there are Elves, Dwarfs and Men in a fantasy RPG, it gets originality points on the relationships and backstories these races have with one another within the world and it's history.

The Verdict

Those who love BioWare will be very satisfied with Dragon Age: Origins and those who are inexperienced with BioWare could potentially fall in love with them after playing this game. Those who demand technical gameplay perfection over story and gameplay substance AND dislike BioWare in general, yeah you probably won't like this game...duh. For everyone else however, I recommend it.