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College Gamers avatar 2:50 PM on 09.22.2010
Too poor for Civ 5? Why not try some Tetris!

Sid Meierís newest life-consuming strategy game, Civilization V has just been released. Based on the demo, I can say that it looks fucking sick and I am so envious of anyone who owns it. Unfortunately, my bank account is unable to accept the $50 purchase. In my hall, I have seven suitemates who have just recently dumped Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the newest first-person shooter sensation, Halo Reach. I could easily mooch off of some split-screen Xbox Live action, but to be perfectly honest, I kind of suck at first-person shooters. I need my strategy fix. Or at least a fix of puzzle gaming. I know that Civilization V is the ultimate answer, but Iím fucking broke. What do I do?

Well, the Tetris Company has done an amazing job in making the worldís most popular puzzle game easily accessible to anyone whoís willing to seek it out. is a website that gives anyone with a Facebook or email account as much free Tetris as they can handle. Not only that, but this website has also introduced me to a brand new way to play Tetris: Multiplayer.

This seems like a primitive idea to the Xbox Live Age of gamers, but for a game like Tetris that is traditionally single player, the longevity of it is significantly enhanced by the addition of competition. From 2 players to 4 players and even to 6 players, Tetris Friends has as much competition as you could want. The thing that sets most of Tetris Friendsí multiplayer apart from traditional multiplayer is the use of pre-recorded games of Tetris that pose as other players. The multiplayer is not real-time (for the most part). While this is a bit strange, this actually adds to the experience by making the game virtually lag (and drop) free.

With updates, new in-game achievements, and new game-types added pretty often, Tetris is officially the new Modern Warfare 2. With a real-time lobby-based MMO-style Tetris game in beta at the moment, my free time has shifted from throwing frags to dropping tetrominoes.

Tetris is certainly no Civilization killer, but it is a game that keeps your mind alert, you senses on edge and best of all, ITíS FREE! If youíre a poor college student like me, or just a poor regular person like most people, then I highly suggest taking a tour of You wonít regret it.

Mike Feyrer
College Gamers

P.S. Comments are always welcome! Also, feel free to fap me off if you want :D

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