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College Gamers's blog

6:17 PM on 09.22.2010

Oh, hey there. This is an introduction.

What's up Dtoid!

I'm Mike and I'm an 18 year old college student attending Penn State University. I've been an avid Dtoider for a while now. I've subscribed to all of the official and non-official podcasts and I also listen to the Electric Hydra. I'm also a part of a few other communities such as CheapAssGamer, GiantBomb, The Geekbox and Idle Thumbs. Needless to say, I am a college student tons of work but I spend my free time listening to podcast's about video games I can't afford.

Because of this I have acquired an extensive knowledge of video games and the industry. I began to realize that if I knew as much about the stock market or the legal system as I do about video games I would be a fucking millionaire by now. This useless knowledge gave me a not-so-original idea. "Start a blog somewhere small with a dedicated fanbase such as the Dtoid Cblogs. Eventually get a website that I can host mine and a few others' blogs and entertain people in articles about video games!"

It's not an easy task to become the next Destructoid or the next GiantBomb, but I'm a college student and I've got nothing but time so why not give it a shot? I sure as hell am no Mark Zuckerburg, but maybe just MAYBE I could become the next Jim Sterling or the next CheapyD.

This is certainly not as lucrative as a job in the legal system but this industry won't make me consider suicide every night either. I love video games and I love talking about them. With these ideas, I decided to use the moniker College Gamers in hopes of getting the attention of a few other talented bloggers and maybe someday start a College Gamers blog website of my own.

The support of others is always welcome and is the only way I will ever succeed in anything that I do no matter what industry. That concludes the rudiments of the concept of College Gamers. With that said, I'd like to talk a bit more about myself.

I am a college student, therefore I have no money to waste. But heres what I like.

(Just for the record, I own every console and am in no way a fanboy of any of them)

Modern Warfare 2
Rock Band and its many varieties (with the exception of Green Day)
DJ Hero
The Elder Scrolls series in its entirety
most of the Final Fantasy series
Prince of Persia (Nolan North version)
Soul Calibur IV
Burnout (Revenge and prior)
Civilization IV and V
Parappa The Rapper (The Jesus of music and rhythm games)

I own a lot of games but these are just some of the games and series that I really enjoy. The list grows every day.

I hope that I can garner a bit of attention within the Dtoid community. I am always willing to take criticism and suggestions so long as they aren't too douchebag-ish. Now that you know a bit about me, please follow College Gamers and read the blog. Help College Gamers become something special. The success of College Gamers can only mean good things for the community as a whole and gamers in general.

Comments are welcome of course, and if you want to fap me off, I won't tell you not to.

I look forward to writing for you guys.

Mike Feyrer
College Gamers

P.S. I apologize for the lack of pictures. Just enjoy this post for what it is and use the lack of pictures as motivation to see if my next post sucks as much as this one does.


2:50 PM on 09.22.2010

Too poor for Civ 5? Why not try some Tetris!

Sid Meier’s newest life-consuming strategy game, Civilization V has just been released. Based on the demo, I can say that it looks fucking sick and I am so envious of anyone who owns it. Unfortunately, my bank account is unable to accept the $50 purchase. In my hall, I have seven suitemates who have just recently dumped Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the newest first-person shooter sensation, Halo Reach. I could easily mooch off of some split-screen Xbox Live action, but to be perfectly honest, I kind of suck at first-person shooters. I need my strategy fix. Or at least a fix of puzzle gaming. I know that Civilization V is the ultimate answer, but I’m fucking broke. What do I do?

Well, the Tetris Company has done an amazing job in making the world’s most popular puzzle game easily accessible to anyone who’s willing to seek it out. is a website that gives anyone with a Facebook or email account as much free Tetris as they can handle. Not only that, but this website has also introduced me to a brand new way to play Tetris: Multiplayer.

This seems like a primitive idea to the Xbox Live Age of gamers, but for a game like Tetris that is traditionally single player, the longevity of it is significantly enhanced by the addition of competition. From 2 players to 4 players and even to 6 players, Tetris Friends has as much competition as you could want. The thing that sets most of Tetris Friends’ multiplayer apart from traditional multiplayer is the use of pre-recorded games of Tetris that pose as other players. The multiplayer is not real-time (for the most part). While this is a bit strange, this actually adds to the experience by making the game virtually lag (and drop) free.

With updates, new in-game achievements, and new game-types added pretty often, Tetris is officially the new Modern Warfare 2. With a real-time lobby-based MMO-style Tetris game in beta at the moment, my free time has shifted from throwing frags to dropping tetrominoes.

Tetris is certainly no Civilization killer, but it is a game that keeps your mind alert, you senses on edge and best of all, IT’S FREE! If you’re a poor college student like me, or just a poor regular person like most people, then I highly suggest taking a tour of You won’t regret it.

Mike Feyrer
College Gamers

P.S. Comments are always welcome! Also, feel free to fap me off if you want :D   read

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