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Colette Bennett avatar 9:11 PM on 12.09.2007  (server time)
I have finally reached true fame...on Cute Overload.

I took this picture about 3 years ago when a girlfriend of mine's dog had puppies. It's a White Highland Terrier (coolest dogs ever in case you didn't know.) I sent it to Cute Overload and it was featured a while back. Then today, I got an email....

"Your shot of the highland terrier puppeh in your hand is one of my FAVE photos. (And I git a lot of them!) I'm writing to you, as a photo owner who has been featured on Cute Overload, to ax you a question. We're gonna do a 2009 Cute Overload calendar. It's only our second product (after the well-received hamster t-shirt, natch) But back to you: would you consider letting me use your photo in the 2009 calendar? In return, I send you a free calendar, and the satisfaction of being one of tens of thousands of photos chosen..."

I know, I'm gay. But it made me HAPPY!

If you like cute little things such as this, rejoice in my unexpected success and buy the calendar -- not so much for my pic as to support Cute Overload because it's about ten times as indie as we are and run by ONE girl who collects all this awesomeness.

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