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Hey Dtoiders. I'm just like you guys, i love video games, and video game related stuff. I dig music, tv, all the regular shit, and i love my PS3. I think all the next gen consoles are good in their own ways, but i can only afford one. I'm pretty average.


Once this bitch is done, (probably in about 2 hours) anyone up to thrown down?

Gimme your Playstation S/N and ill PWN you on the battlefield bitch!!!

(if you can't tell, i'm very excited for this game)

8:07 PM on 04.08.2008

So, as GS promised, those who preordered or reserved MGS4 would get a code that would let you access the online play beta being released the 17th. It also came with a short DVD explaining all of the Snake's relationship to each other and foxhound.

The DVD is short, only about 25 minutes to the actual movie. The movie is just gameplay with talking over it and the occasional spreadsheet showing peoples relations to each other.

The chapters are:

CHAPTER 001: Prologue (Prologue)
CHAPTER 002: Metal Gear 20th Anniversary
CHAPTER 003: Big Boss - The Origin Of Snake
CHAPTER 004: Liquid - The Second Snake
CHAPTER 005: Solidus - The Third Snake
CHAPTER 006: Solid - The First Snake

Also, there are all the official trailers on this DVD. It's pretty cool, there are some that i haven't seen on YouTube yet, but that could just be poor search results.

I'd go throw down $5 for this if you haven't. Even if it isnt much, it looks pretty next to the rest of my Metal Gear Solid collection.

10:35 PM on 03.25.2008

Hey Destructoiders:

Kojima announced that those who preordered MGS4 would be receiving a DVD and a code for a download of A Metal Gear Solid Online Beta? Is this true?

Also, I reserved my copy at gamestop about a month ago, so is this enough to get the beta? If so, how do i claim my swag?