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CoilWhine avatar 1:28 PM on 11.23.2013  (server time)
Why I joined Destructoid

Let's start back in the fall of 2010. I had just graduated elementary school and I decided to 'reinvent' myself with a new hobby. I had played some video games as a child, not many but enough to make me interested in pursuing it. Over the next year I got into reading more and more about games up until June 2011. At the time I was using Facebook a lot so I noticed a fan petition for 'Mega Man Legends 3'. 

I was a big fan of 3D platformers, and I always wanted to get into a Mega Man game, so this saddened me. I actively participated in the group until the fall. However, I noticed a gaming blog that they linked to - a place called 'Kotaku'. Interested, well, as interested as a 12-year old boy could be, I joined it and started to actively read it from July 2011-Fall 2012 then I decided to actively post about a year later.

 However, they posted more and more clickbait, rumor, and politically-biased articles, and especially as of Spring 2013 I began to seriously regret wasting my time there. So, I branched out to Joystiq - and, you guessed it, my beloved Dtoid. Soon thereafter I vowed to never waste my time or clicks on anything Kotaku made and I began a new account on Dtoid as 'Robert Smith'. 

Then I became HUGE a few weeks ago, and updated my username to Coil_Whine. That's where I stand today - having a backlog of too many games and playing games actively all the time. I do other stuff, too - BUT I am overall in a safer, less creepy environment than Kotaku. And remember 
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