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CoffeeKnight avatar 7:44 PM on 05.26.2013  (server time)
How much have you spent on Steam?

Like so many other people I've fallen victim to the Steam sales; buying tons of games on sale and never actually playing them. Right now I have both Batman Arkham games with the game of the year content but I've played neither of them. The worst part is, despite these games that remain unplayed, we keep buying more.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Steam. Steam has opened so many doors for so many people when it comes to what content can make into a well populated market. It changed the game industry and made PC gaming much more main stream then ever before. When I boot my computer 2 things turn on right away, Skype and Steam. I just find that I'm addicted to Steam like some people are addicted to normal online shopping. If a game I'm even mildly interested in is on sale, I'm totally buying it. Just while writing this I've bought 3  games on sale right now.

I feel like if I had a week with nothing else that needed to be done and a bunch of snack foods I could totally play every single game I've been putting off in my Steam library but until then they just kind of sit there and I feel terrible about it.

What games have you been putting off for too long. Here are some of mine:
The Basement Collection
The Batman Arkham games
Don't Starve
Hell Yeah!
Mass Effect (1 and 2)
Portal 2
They Bleed Pixels

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