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CoffeeKnight avatar 1:49 AM on 05.25.2013  (server time)
Game Dev Tycoon

After yet another failed attempt to fix my sleep schedule, I found myself sitting on youtube and trying to figure out what I'm doing with my night. So I went on OMFGcata's channel and saw he's been playing Game Dev Tycoon.

Game Dev Tycoon is a indie simulator where are a little dude and your a game developer. It's a little game by Greenheart Games and it's pretty fun.

It pretty much goes like this, you're in your garage making games for PC and "G64". As time goes on you can make games for the next systems that come out such as the "TES", the "DreamVast", the "mBox 360" and beyond. Where I am in the game right now the "mBox Next" just came out, the successor to the "mBox 360". So you make money, you make games, get bigger offices and hire new people. You get to market your games and buy booths for the game convention "G3".

They way you actually make the game is pretty interesting. There's 3 stages of development. Each stage has 3 sections of the game to work on. As shown below, there are sliders for each part which allow you to a lot the amount of time your company will spend on said part. When your company gets bigger and you make bigger titles you can put specific people in charge of different tasks to allow more work to be done.

They games pretty fun over all. It can get pretty difficult if you make a few bad games. I've gone bankrupt at least once in my game so far (I put all my money into a flop) but the game's pretty good about helping you out. You can go into the red up to a point before going bankrupt and, if your company goes under, the game will restart you a few games back.

The game is pretty solid and looks nice. This is Greenheart Games' first game. It's $7.99 for Windows 7 +, Mac (10.7.5+) and Linux. You can buy the game on their site or you can wait for the game to be put up on the Steam store since it was green lit quite recently. One thing I thought was particularly hilarious was that if you try to pirate this game, your company will get to a point in the game where you start losing profits to pirates. This keeps going on until no one's buying your games and everyone is pirating them and your company goes bankrupt.

TLDR: Game Dev Tycoon's a good game. $8 for Windows, Mac and Linux and don't pirate it. It's 8 bucks going to two guys that made a nice little game.

What do you think of Game Dev Tycoon? Any other indie games you're excited about?

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