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CoffeeKnight avatar 5:06 AM on 05.24.2013  (server time)
Do you like Adventure Time? Watch Steven Universe!

I know I should be writing something about video games but right now this show has absorbed my life.

I've been following Adventure Time pretty religiously for the last few years now and it's become a major part of my weekly routine now. I've even gone as far as refusing to take classes during the time slot so I can be home to watch it and the only other show I'm as passionate about is Community. The Adventure Time game is one of the few games I have for the 3DS. Most of my favorite episodes of Adventure Time have been written by Rebecca Sugar or had her song's in them so when I heard she was leaving the show, you can only imagine how sad I was. That was until I heard why she was leaving, to start her own show! After much wait, the pilot for Steven Universe was released this week.

Rebecca Sugar is quite an amazing women. She's known for writing heart wrenching stories and is just as good an artist as she is a story teller. Did I mention she is a song writer too? With Adventure Time favorites like "Why Did You Eat My Fries" and "I Remember You" I can't wait to see what wonderful songs will come from her new show. With Steven Universe, Rebecca Sugar has become the first women to have a show green lit by Cartoon Network. On top of all of this 

Knowing how insane Adventure Time is, I had no idea was awaited me as I hit play on the Steven Universe Pilot and from the moment it started I was completely delighted. Below is the pilot and below that I'll write a synopsis of the show. You can watch the video first or read the synopsis, whichever you prefer. 

NOTE: Cartoon Network's web pages for it's shorts, which includes Steven Universe and Lakewood Plaza Turbo (another wonderful short I recommend watching), haven't been working for the last day or so and I don't know when they'll get around to fixing it. At the same time videos of the pilot are being taken off the internet pretty quickly so I apologize if the video is broken.

How can I describe Steven Universe...
The show is about Steven who is one of "The Crystal Gems", a group of magical girls how fight evil and protect the world. Garnet, the leader of the group is straight out of an 80's sifi movie. She's the strong, silent type and is a refreshing character to see portrayed by a woman in any media. Amethyst, is the sexy one (I guess), dressed like a hipster and not caring about much (as far as we see in the pilot). She's mischievous as far as we've seen and has a soft spot for Steven. Pearl is quite the proper little lady. I've seen her compared to Utena Tenjou from the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena and from her outfit and her weapon I'd say she was probably inspired by Utena when it comes to look. Then there's Steven, a chubby little boy who plays the ukalele and wants to do nothing else but help is fellow Crystal Gems. It's so cute how much he looks up to them and wants to join their ranks. The story follows these 4.

After watching the pilot I was so pumped! I truly can't wait to see more of this. Until then I'll be listening to the song Steven sang on repeat.

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