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CodeDonkey's blog

3:15 PM on 05.14.2008

PS4 Xbox 720 Wii 2 watch this video

this video is on youtube either as a joke or hes retarded tell me what you think...   read

2:31 PM on 05.14.2008

Review of Mario Kart Wii

Finally i have been waiting for a Wii title of Mario Cart. When i first saw the preview i thought kick ass then it said you get a steering wheel component with the game another plus but enough rambling on here is my review...   read

5:12 PM on 05.13.2008

GTA IV: Parents furious over game content

Parents all over the world are mad about GTA IV release. Heres what i have to say. FUCK IT! Even if they think kids wont see the game they will. Some how some way they will play it since this just in GTA IV broke the wor...   read

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