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Clyde avatar 8:42 PM on 03.23.2009  (server time)
My video game collection part deux

Ok like I said here's part two of my collection, the PS2, PS3 and the goodies well some of them those are going to be part of a later blog, well one item in particular.

So yeah let's start with the PS2. This section contains my RPGs or RPGlike games, nothing too fancy just what I consider to be some of the best titles on the PS2, I know I'm missing on a few titles but I had to focus a bit on certain games since there's only 24 hours in a day. Notable mention, Nocturne, which is my treasure, got two copies, that RPG ooze pure awesomeness. Overlooked but still really good is Devil Summoner (can't wait for the sequel to come out) FFXII is the first final fantasy game that I kinda enjoy since FFVI. Uhhmmm I have some of the .hack serie, always wanted to try them, I liked the concept but yeah I keep playing other games before them, maybe one day.

This portion is more of the action/adventure type of game + an intruder. Some of the incontournable are Katamari Damaci, Rez, Ico, psychonaut. But none the less Silent hill 2 and Fatal frame 3 are by far the scariest game I played so far esp. FF3. Wipeout on the PS2 was just shit, bought it because I needed a wipeout fix before the version on PS3 came out. Zone of the Ender, have played those two a whole lot, got carried away by other things when I tried them so can't say much but the hour or two I got to play them were really good.

Not a whole lot that I can say about those, that hasn't been said already. Couldn't care less about the GTA games. Guitar Hero 1/2/3 sucked hundreds hours of my life. So did Metal Gear 2/3. What might be of mention here is that I never completed Shadow of the Colossus, I'm stuck in a spot and just started playing something else

The PS3, not much to say here, too recent, everyone knows everything about those games. One title that might be unknown to most of you is Demon's Souls I highly recommend that you check out that game and I will make a blog about later.

The Box of goodness :D

The small but ok collection of Metal Gear games, I don't have metal gear solid in there but I have a copy waiting for me at a local store. Got the guides for MGS 1, MGS 4, MG portable ops. Soundtrack for Portable OPS and ACiD2 the DVDs and a sealed copy of MGS4 LE and MGS collection.

And the jewel. Some of you might be against sealed games, but if you noticed I have a second copy of the Megaten games so at least I play them aswell, they do make for nice eye candy. So there
Persona 3 LE + game guide
Nocturne with soundtrack + game guide
Digital Devil Saga 1 box set

The rest are well not worth much they are mostly a result of me just never playing them so they got left in that state and for good measure the Castlevania Double Pack.

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