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Clyde avatar 5:09 AM on 03.23.2009  (server time)
My video game collection part 1 (a copy of Krow's blog)

I'm bored and I can't sleep either so I decided I would return in the C-blog side of Dtoid or try to at least and as an easy way back in I decided to mimic Bwark-kupo's post about his game collection. Like him I'll have to do this in two parts, so for today here's my PS1, DS, PSP, GC collection. Unfortunately I don't have much in terms of older games, I sold all my collection years ago (I think in like 1998) and made a decent wad of cash at that time (I can't imagine how much I could get now...) When I sold all my games I stop playing on consoles for a few years, until I got a GC in I think 2003 and since then I started rebuilding a collection without trying to invest too much into it.

So here goes PS1 : I know you're all going to say that Saga Frontier sucks, and you might be right, but when I got that game (it survived my great game depression) I played it through and really enjoyed it. I never completed FFVII cause I never thought it was that good, but just for the principle, I owe to myself to complete it.

Next PSP which I think is a great handheld consoles and there should be more RPG made for it instead of the DS and games should come in a Flash card format instead of the noisy UMD disc. As you can notice there's alot of Metal Gear games, I actually collect that serie but that's going to be for another C-blog. For all those that are interested in Atlus's Hammering hero, I have the japanese copy here, it is a really fun game, recommended for anyone. In the import section I also have Twin Bee, but it kinda sucks, to get a good screen size you have to flip the PSP 90 degrees which is a bit awkward for the controls.

DS, I got rid of a good 15 DS games that I had just because they were completed and were not that good, part of that was the two Advance wars, they were fun but didn't really enjoyed the replayability factor and I needed good trade value for my PS3. Beside the really good remake of Dragon Quest IV and the Castlevania games, nothing really special in the DS department.

The gamecube, what made me come back into the console gaming world, more precisely Metroid Prime and the odd really good game, anyone can say whatever they want about the Gamecube, it might not have the same number of great titles as the PS2 but for what it offered it was worth owning one. The Resident evil remake was pure awesomeness so was RES4. Cubivor quirky but very enjoyable title, the megaman collection is great too eventhough I hate playing them with a GC controller. The metal gear solid remake is perfect too. Unfortunately here in NA we didn't get to enjoy Radilgy (bottom right game) or what was suppose to be called Radio Allergy, it's a cell shaded Schmup similar in game play to Chaos Field, so I had to import it.

So that's it for me right now, tomorrow PS2 PS3 and my "valuable" games, and at some point the rest of my gaming goodness.

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