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Name : Collin
Country : french Canada
Job : Navy

1. I hate my job ;)
2. I want to open a video game store
3. I can live on poutine and beer for 2 weeks
4. Beside gaming, biking is my #2 passion

Consoles I owned : NES, SNES, PS2, GC, GB, GBC, GBA, DS
Consoles I want to get : Dreamcast, PS3 and I'm feeling tempted into getting a 360

Games I like : too many to list, but mostly retro, 2D platformers, FPS with a story line (hate Halo), the odd RPG.

Games I don't like : Sports, most FPS.

Worthy accomplishments : finished Ninja gaiden 2, TMNT (NES) without game genie. Ikaruga, and discovered possibly everything in FFVI

Consoles I hate : anything Sega except Dreamcast, Xbox and Xbox 360 for crappy hardware and cause it's Microsoft.

Games I hate : Mario 64, Zelda games in 3D, all FF after VI, Halo (I miss the Marathon serie)
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6:10 PM on 04.02.2009

Being a gamer website, I figured alot of us play or used to play Magic the Gathering and I'm sure there are a lot who are in my situation where we did play a while ago but life went on and we moved on to cheaper things. So I want to bring MtG back in my life but without spending hundreds of dollars on booster packs and I want to play the game online without buying a software that will have me buy cards as DLC. So I figured that it would be a great thing to start a MtG league on Destructoid.

For that we need a software. Here's the problem, when it comes to free MtG software there are a few options but not all of them will be good for everybody. Some of us have Windows PC some have Mac OS X and some even have Linux. So Apprentice was out of the question. The solution wasn't to hard to find, LackeyCCG. Although not being the prettiest software out there, the interface is complete and simple to use, all the options to play online with all the cards from the MtG universe with cards scans in high quality is all there. Also I think the software supports games up to 4 players, which would open up a great variety of gameplay.

I already made a thread in the forum section but not everyone goes there, so if anyone is interested in playing MtG, just send me a request to join the group :
Ideally I would like this to be part of FNF but we can also get games going on whenever.
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Ok like I said here's part two of my collection, the PS2, PS3 and the goodies well some of them those are going to be part of a later blog, well one item in particular.

So yeah let's start with the PS2. This section contains my RPGs or RPGlike games, nothing too fancy just what I consider to be some of the best titles on the PS2, I know I'm missing on a few titles but I had to focus a bit on certain games since there's only 24 hours in a day. Notable mention, Nocturne, which is my treasure, got two copies, that RPG ooze pure awesomeness. Overlooked but still really good is Devil Summoner (can't wait for the sequel to come out) FFXII is the first final fantasy game that I kinda enjoy since FFVI. Uhhmmm I have some of the .hack serie, always wanted to try them, I liked the concept but yeah I keep playing other games before them, maybe one day.

This portion is more of the action/adventure type of game + an intruder. Some of the incontournable are Katamari Damaci, Rez, Ico, psychonaut. But none the less Silent hill 2 and Fatal frame 3 are by far the scariest game I played so far esp. FF3. Wipeout on the PS2 was just shit, bought it because I needed a wipeout fix before the version on PS3 came out. Zone of the Ender, have played those two a whole lot, got carried away by other things when I tried them so can't say much but the hour or two I got to play them were really good.

Not a whole lot that I can say about those, that hasn't been said already. Couldn't care less about the GTA games. Guitar Hero 1/2/3 sucked hundreds hours of my life. So did Metal Gear 2/3. What might be of mention here is that I never completed Shadow of the Colossus, I'm stuck in a spot and just started playing something else

The PS3, not much to say here, too recent, everyone knows everything about those games. One title that might be unknown to most of you is Demon's Souls I highly recommend that you check out that game and I will make a blog about later.

The Box of goodness :D

The small but ok collection of Metal Gear games, I don't have metal gear solid in there but I have a copy waiting for me at a local store. Got the guides for MGS 1, MGS 4, MG portable ops. Soundtrack for Portable OPS and ACiD2 the DVDs and a sealed copy of MGS4 LE and MGS collection.

And the jewel. Some of you might be against sealed games, but if you noticed I have a second copy of the Megaten games so at least I play them aswell, they do make for nice eye candy. So there
Persona 3 LE + game guide
Nocturne with soundtrack + game guide
Digital Devil Saga 1 box set

The rest are well not worth much they are mostly a result of me just never playing them so they got left in that state and for good measure the Castlevania Double Pack.

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I'm bored and I can't sleep either so I decided I would return in the C-blog side of Dtoid or try to at least and as an easy way back in I decided to mimic Bwark-kupo's post about his game collection. Like him I'll have to do this in two parts, so for today here's my PS1, DS, PSP, GC collection. Unfortunately I don't have much in terms of older games, I sold all my collection years ago (I think in like 1998) and made a decent wad of cash at that time (I can't imagine how much I could get now...) When I sold all my games I stop playing on consoles for a few years, until I got a GC in I think 2003 and since then I started rebuilding a collection without trying to invest too much into it.

So here goes PS1 : I know you're all going to say that Saga Frontier sucks, and you might be right, but when I got that game (it survived my great game depression) I played it through and really enjoyed it. I never completed FFVII cause I never thought it was that good, but just for the principle, I owe to myself to complete it.

Next PSP which I think is a great handheld consoles and there should be more RPG made for it instead of the DS and games should come in a Flash card format instead of the noisy UMD disc. As you can notice there's alot of Metal Gear games, I actually collect that serie but that's going to be for another C-blog. For all those that are interested in Atlus's Hammering hero, I have the japanese copy here, it is a really fun game, recommended for anyone. In the import section I also have Twin Bee, but it kinda sucks, to get a good screen size you have to flip the PSP 90 degrees which is a bit awkward for the controls.

DS, I got rid of a good 15 DS games that I had just because they were completed and were not that good, part of that was the two Advance wars, they were fun but didn't really enjoyed the replayability factor and I needed good trade value for my PS3. Beside the really good remake of Dragon Quest IV and the Castlevania games, nothing really special in the DS department.

The gamecube, what made me come back into the console gaming world, more precisely Metroid Prime and the odd really good game, anyone can say whatever they want about the Gamecube, it might not have the same number of great titles as the PS2 but for what it offered it was worth owning one. The Resident evil remake was pure awesomeness so was RES4. Cubivor quirky but very enjoyable title, the megaman collection is great too eventhough I hate playing them with a GC controller. The metal gear solid remake is perfect too. Unfortunately here in NA we didn't get to enjoy Radilgy (bottom right game) or what was suppose to be called Radio Allergy, it's a cell shaded Schmup similar in game play to Chaos Field, so I had to import it.

So that's it for me right now, tomorrow PS2 PS3 and my "valuable" games, and at some point the rest of my gaming goodness.
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I just got this in my email box. Final Fantasy IV is available for pre-order through gamestop, EB games, Game Crazy, I guess this is a good news for most of us. Well for me it's not, I just spent the last week replaying the original game and beat it yesterday. So either I will sink in the game again and spend a good 30 hours or just buy it, wait and play it in a few months.

Now if they could do the same for FF VI I would be a happy guy.

7:04 PM on 05.22.2008

A few days ago Greenpeace or some other organization published something about videogames hardware being unhealthy. Now that announcement was probably made for shock value and to ride on the wave of unpopularity of the video games within a certain demographic. However the statement is true. It is true maybe not for the gamer directly but rather for the people that end up with the garbage from consoles and peripherals that are being thrown away in the garbage.

Video games hardware are only a small part of the problem, but as the industry grows the problems grows too and certain policies that are now being applied to the computer industry (think recycling programs) will have to be applied to the consoles developers.

As I said the problems of those waste is not for us. We throw everything away and that's it, out of our lives. However most landfill do not accept or as little as possible any electronic wastes and some companies make it a business to rid the landfills of these waste and most of the time export them to foreign countries (China, India, Africa) and it's in those country that the health risk becomes evident.

The technique used to collect the precious metals contained in our electronic can be devastating for the environment and the health of anyone nearby.

My recommendation for consumers here in North America or Europe is to accumulate the electronics you want to throw away in a box and once a year call or go to a center where they will recycle all the stuff in a clean way.

I'm going to stop here so if you want further details ask me but for now you can just check those pictures to give yourself an idea.

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4:35 PM on 05.13.2008

Lately seems like Atlus gives almost all it's attention on the Xbox 360, maybe as an effort to popularize the strategy RPG genre to North America. Alot of people are surely going to be pleased by that.

So today we got a new game announcement from Atlus : Zoids Assault

From the official Atlus news letter :

Beasts of Steel. Diverse battlegrounds. An intense covert military campaign in the middle of a tense cold war. Advanced tactics including support fire and electromagnetic pulse systems. Tons of customization and upgrade options, including melee weapons, rockets, rifles, machine guns, shotguns, cannons, and more.

Zoids Assault, a new and decidedly original strategy RPG take on the long-running Zoids series, brings all of the above and more to the Xbox 360 this August.

To me it will either be hit or miss, another blend strategy game without anything exceptional like the last Front Mission or a great addition to the Xbox 360 lineup.

This summer we'll see the release of ;

- Operation Darkness (June 24th)
- Spectral Forces (July 29th)
- Zoids Assault (August 26th)

Visually Zoids Assault doesn't look very impressive, but Atlus has never been known for releasing games with alot of eye candy. However the gameplay looks complex enough to be really interesting especially with the addition of concepts like Electronic Counter/Support measures.

So here's a few screenshot and preview video

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