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Cloud-1409 's blog
Hey, my name is Claudio but most people call me Cloud. I own a PS3 and a Wii, not to mention a whole bundle of retro consoles. At the moment I am unemployed except for being a staff writer at which I am loving.

"Video games are a conduit for the soul. They expand our lives, channel our imagination, test our skills. Games exist as a channel for the boundless energy of people all over the world. It is a medium you are incapable of understanding."

Top 10 Games:
10. Shadow Of The Colossus
9. Super Mario 64
8. Street Fighter 2
7. Chrono Trigger
6. Final Fantasy IX
5. System Shock 2
4. Neverwinter Nights
3. Crash Bandicoot 2: The Wrath Of Cortex
2. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
1. Super Metroid
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5:01 PM on 06.09.2009
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