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Clockwork avatar 9:04 PM on 12.27.2008  (server time)
LOTR: Conquest Demo on PSN [Plus: REVIEW!]

It's been out for a few days now, but I found out about the demo about an hour ago. It's only on PSN so only PS3 owners can try out LOTR: Conquest. Think Star Wars: Battlefront in the Lord of the Rings universe and you have this. Only...with a crappy camera...and unbalanced multiplayer, oh wait, that last one was in Battlefront too.

So LOTR: Conquest was honestly at the top of my most anticipated because...well...I still play Battlefront 2 to this day and I love the gameplay. The tutorial was great for Conquest, really showing the game off and the huge amounts of special abilities each class has. I played through the tutorial, kicked Sauron's ass while playing as Isilidur, and was about to jump into some more single-player. Well...there isn't any, it's just the tutorial.

Well, it's a demo, I guess. So I see that there's some multiplayer in the demo, try that out and...


So you think you're expecting to see 16 players with a large number of NPCs on the battlefield. NOPE! It's only 8 vs. 8. They advertise epic battles.I didn't really expect to have 8 orcs come to the Shire and kick some ass. I expected much more.

Aside from the extremely underwhelming "epicness," the camera is literally right behind your back. While this was the same in Battlefront, you could still see a motherfucker coming up behind you so you could defend yourself. Not here. No, you better turn around every five seconds because some guy can just come out of no where and just beat the crap out of you with whatever he's got.

That's another thing. The scout class. It's pretty cool to BE the scout class, but not so much to die from it. Adding on to the paragraph above, scouts can come up behind you and kill you in one hit. One hit. Fuck. That. Shit.

There's no lock-on system. What this means is, that if your a warrior, and your about to fight against another warrior, you guys practically just run around in circles smashing the god damn square button praying to god you hit him first.

Apart from the multiplayer, the single player was a lot of fun. Pretty much what I expected. I shouldn't be complaining too much as to this day whenever I play Battlefront 2, I NEVER play online. I guess it'll still be the same for this game.

NOTE: Sorry for the wall of text. Anyone know how to get rid of the weird ass spacing you get when you type up a blog on a Mac? I had to boot up my Vista processor just to post this cause Leopard had all this weird spacing.

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