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If you watched the above video, you can see that GTTV has an exclusive announcement on this weeks show for The Force Unleashed. And judging by Geoff's enthusiasm in the sneak peak, it seems like a pretty big deal. Which brings up my next question, why does GTTV get all the huge announcements rather than X-Play? First the Bioshock demo and now this.

And for all of you, including myself, who have been eagerly anitcipating the new Force Unleashed demo that was supposedly hitting the marketplace and PSN tomorrow, are going to be very very dissapointed. Apparently there was a rumor started by X-Play said that the demo would be hitting XBLM and PSN on the 14th. Senior PR Manager at LucasArts, Adam Kahn, has gone on record to say not only is it not coming out tomorrow, but not even this week.

“The Force Unleashed demo is not coming out this week. If X-Play said that it’s coming out this week, they’re wrong. They will have more information about the demo in their show on the 14th.”

So I guess we'll have to check out the show tomorrow to see what the hell they're talking about. Could Geoff Keighly be announcing that the demo's debut on GTTV? If so, what are they talking about regarding X-play? Who knows. But it's all we could hope for.


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