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Cletus the Fetus's blog

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Cletus the Fetus avatar 1:00 PM on 06.16.2008  (server time)
My Game Room/Collection

So, I thought I'd start off my C-blog with a photographical tour of my Gaming Room/Collection/Underground lair. So, without further ado, Here it is:

My gaming setup is in the one furnished room in my basement, hence the concrete floors and the dimness (only one window). The darkness is good for gaming and movie-watching, though, since there's usually no glare. Pretty comfy room other than the concrete floors, though every once and a while I have to lug the Vacuum down the stairs and wage war on the bloodthirsty hordes of spiders that crawl in from the dark, foreboding wilderness of my basement. My childish fear of said spiders makes this a whole lot worse than it sounds.

Here is my enormous TV from the mid 90's, and my awesome surround sound. The posters are mostly my brother's, since he doesn't want me filling this place with my nerdtacular posters. I have no idea who Jeff Buckley is, but he has a sweet jacket. Forgot to turn of the camera flash, but oh well.

Here are my game systems: On the left is the veteran of the lot, an N64 I recently got (it's actually my brother's, he got it for Goldeneye). The game in it is Mario 64. Next is my most beloved console ever, and my first non-portable one, the Gamecube. So many good memories with that one. Moving on, we have the fatass American, the Xbox, a console that constantly pisses me the fuck off with its disc read errors. Finally, on the far right, is the Ps2, my second favorite console (after the Gamecube). The N64, Gamecube, and Xbox are/can be hooked up to surround sound, but there sadly aren't enough ports to plug in the PS2. It's okay PS2, i still love you. I have no current/next/whatever generation consoles because I've decided to beat all or most of the awesome games from the GCN/PS2/Xbox generation before I even think about getting one. Eventually, though, I'll get a PS3 so I can play MGS4 and LittleBigPlanet.

These are just some games that I've been playing recently, or were randomly lying around. Xenosaga, FFIX and Jade Empire are some of my favorite RPGs, but FFVII is not, because the fact that they switch from being Lego dudes to being normal dudes constantly irritates me a TON. Also shown here are some random DVD's, including the best sitcom evar.

And here we have my glorious collection of 90+ awesome games, organized by system. Most of the PS2 and Xbox games were bought used. Not shown here are Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams for Xbox, and Twisted Metal Black, Disgaea 2, and Shadow of the colossus for PS2, all of which have been borrowed by friends.

Here's my Brothers stuff, mostly sports and military games, since he was born without an imagination. That mysterious Xbox randomly appeared one day. We use it for LAN Ghost Recon and Halo.

Finally, we have my portable collection, with my DS lite and PSP slim. My first game system was a purple Gameboy Color I got for my 8th Birthday in 1999. It broke right before the GBA came out, so I got one of those for my Birthday in 2001, and then that broke right before the DS came out in 2004, so I got one of those for Christmas. That DS got a broken hinge from a fall, so I gave it to my brother and got a DS lite. Not shown here is Sword of Mana for GBA which was lost, and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for GBC, which is somewhere in my brother's room.

So, that's all for now, but I'll be back soon with various rad things for you folks.

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