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Clayton S Chan avatar 10:39 PM on 06.22.2009  (server time)

This post is about the greatest thing ever. Winning.

I've been kind of wanting to write some random post about Sun Yue and the mighty Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA championship, but I kind of figured that the post would be very non-video game related and even though I did invite the Destructoid populace out for a basketball challenge, I felt it'd still be kind of out of place. You know, I'm still new here, and I didn't want to upset the apple cart. (Cuz' when those things get angry...holy crap.)

^Yes, I missed work for the victory parade...and to get sunburned.

I was going to shelve the idea permanently until today. You see, this weekend, I'd been getting in some 1 vs. 100 on Xbox Live. (When you're an editor, if you don't have a general pool of knowledge to reference, it means you cast a very small witty reference net... Also, points for anyone who sees what I did there.) There was nothing at stake, and I figured people who were cheesing the game by just mashing in their 1/3 shot as soon as possible were breaking the system.

That was until I looked at the stats page and discovered that I was in 4th after 10 questions one match. "Eff that noise", I figured. I was going to win one at some point. So, after work today, I decided to get in a game with one of my Xbox Live pals. After far too much fiddling, we actually manage to get into a game together, and it was a game where the community members submit questions. I hadn't played in one of these before, so I didn't realize that meant this round was basically like College Jeopardy! in that it's basically a "lite" round of the game.

So, the easy first round passes, I get all 10. No biggie. I'm 250 points behind the leader. 2nd group of 10, I perfect, as well. I'm now in 5th. 3rd group of 10, I have some problem with, but I perfect that group, too. I'm now in freaking 1st. There are 37 questions total, and I manage to answer the next 6, 2 on complete stabs in the dark. (Did you know Charlie Brown's father was a barber? I do now.) The last friggin' question is about freaking Wrestlemania, and I miss it.

I felt like the Patriots, except for the part where I'm not from Boston. 36 straight correct...1 wrong. I figured I blew the lay-up, and that I'd squandered probably the only shot at a perfect run I'd ever have, but also unlike the Patriots, I was still the champion! WOOOOOOOO! (I'm a Dolphins fan, btw.)

^That's right. I took a picture of my screen with a camera.

I celebrate way harder than I figured anyone in a beta had the right to, but then I remembered back in the dorms when I was fist-pumping off a You Don't Know Jack! victory or after taking out a whopping 8 people in Acrophobia. It made me realize something. Winning is awesome, and you should enjoy it while you can. Because it totally sucks when you're on the losing end of a celebratory Charleston after a game of Puzzle Fighter.

So there you have it. A long, rambling post about me basically talking about how awesome I think I am at this particular moment, and tangentially, a fraction of how awesome I felt when the Lakers took the title. Well, that, and giving all 9 people who read this blog my Gamertag in the most convoluted way possible. (If you want to add me, just say, "Hey, I read your blog. Add me." and I'll probably add you.)

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