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Mike's Musings - E3 Week 2013

Welcome to the weekend. It's been a crazy E3 hype train hype overload week!† There has been such an incredible amount of things that happened this week that Iíve decided that instead of having a blog about one topic that real...


Game Publishers and the Wrong Problem

Welcome to the weekend!† Judging by the outcry on the internet I would be amazed if there are many people that think that Microsoft is taking the Xbox One in the right direction. † From DRM to people calling their practices a...


E3 Holiday

Welcome to the weekend!† For me this week has been about getting excited for E3.† The event has always been something special to me. I've always lovingly referred to it as second Christmas. Itís always been that few days in J...


Shadow of the Eternals

When I sit down to figure out what subject I am going to tackle on my weekly blog I try to find some video game news or event that has been relevant to me the most over the last week.† As I had thought about it this week thou...


EA's New Leaf?

Honestly I always like to give EA the benefit of the doubt these days. Yes, they can do some things that can irk gamers, but I've never considered them the worst company in America.† Yeah, they may not be the best, but cons...


Tier Pargon Dyack Ulyaoth Pargon

Hey guys itís Thursday and guess what Eternal Darkness is getting a sequel!† Oh wait... You arenít that excited for it?† Oh, itís only a spiritual successor.† Well, I guess Nintendo does own the IP for the series so that make...


Nintendo Paradise

Itís Thursday!† This week in the blog is the idea of the Wii U as a destination for Nintendo Paradise. Sound familiar?† You may have seen it mentioned in various places around the internet as a few writers have made some com...



The 3DS and itís library of stellar titles are quickly leading to the platform becoming worthy of the Nintendo handheld legacy. With that in mind, on the eve of itís eighteenth anniversary, now is absolutely time to talk abo...


Do You Need to Have It Spelled Out?

Why it is important to let the player forge their own opinions. Warning: While this blog does not directly discuss the ultimate outcome of BioShock Infinite plot points from the game are mentioned. I do not recommend read...


The Pile of Shame

Do you have a pile of games next to your television? Have you ever experienced buying a new video game before finishing the one you are currently playing? Have you created a list of games you are playing or own and havenít ...


Texts From Bioshock Infinite

Not from characters in the game, but between a friend and myself. The beginning of this game had me thinking about how we discuss games and Bioshock Infinite especially has some serious conversation to be had. I do want to ...


Game Over

When do you consider your games finished? So how challenging do you like your games? In the last generation of consoles I loved a high level of challenge and completion. At that time for me to consider a game beaten it was...


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My name is Mike. I am just a guy looking for an outlet to share my opinions on the video game industry.

Trying to think of exciting things to put here. I'll keep adding as I think of more.


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