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Clarke's blog

5:16 PM on 10.24.2009

Super Pretendo @ Infinite Bits 2009!!!

Hey guys I just got back from the Infinite Bits convention. I couldn't make it on Friday but I went today and I'll definitely be attending Sunday. If you were there I was the guy dressed as Louis from Left 4 Dead. Well enough...   read

9:20 PM on 10.22.2009

Modern Warfare 2 PC Release Date Pushed Back

Modern Warfare has been put up on Steam for pre-ordering here. As you can see the game unlocks on November 13th. It doesn't matter what version you buy you'll have to wait till it's activated on Steam. And unfortunatly for Austrailian players you'll have to pay $90. For now here's some silly quotes I found.   read

10:37 PM on 10.17.2009

Modern Warfare 2 "Updates" (No Dedicated Servers or Mods)

Since I haven't seen anyone post a blog about the recent update here are some new things about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 as reported by BASHandSlash. > IW has control of the game > IWnet servers will host multiplay...   read

8:13 AM on 10.10.2009

"Don't Buy Batman: AA For PC" Update

In my original post here I had stated my issues with Batman: Arkham Asylum for PC. It became increasingly more apparent there was an issues with the disk as I tried many things to troubleshoot the problem. So about maybe a b...   read

8:23 PM on 09.16.2009

Unreal Tournament Free This Weekend OR... could play Quake Live. Free. Forever. Service subject to immediate termination at id software's discretion. Come on prove me wrong that Quake Live isn't the better deal. Price UT3 - $20.00 QL - $FR.EE Download UT3 ...   read

11:16 PM on 09.15.2009

Don't Buy Batman:AA For PC

Or at least not yet. I'm sure this will hit the blog headlines in the coming days but the game just doesn't work. There are many complaints about the game on the Eidos forums. There seems to be different levels of dysfunctio...   read

5:05 PM on 09.02.2009

Improving game communities: Improve What?

I have a bit of experience running an online community and have loads of experience being apart of one. I got my first e-mail address when I was 11 and have been apart of message boards since then. I wasn't sure if I wanted t...   read

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