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Clarke's blog

5:16 PM on 10.24.2009

Super Pretendo @ Infinite Bits 2009!!!

Hey guys I just got back from the Infinite Bits convention. I couldn't make it on Friday but I went today and I'll definitely be attending Sunday. If you were there I was the guy dressed as Louis from Left 4 Dead. Well enough with the words I'll show you some pictures. Videos will be coming on Sunday/Monday!

Me and my camera man Kelvin.

Posing with a Half Life 2 resistance soldier. Yeah Valve characters are pretty much the coolest.

Godfree from Gamertag Radio and Ross from SFX360

I hear a hunter...

The Nostalgia Critic

Ben Heck



I can't wait till tommorow!   read

9:20 PM on 10.22.2009

Modern Warfare 2 PC Release Date Pushed Back

Modern Warfare has been put up on Steam for pre-ordering here.

As you can see the game unlocks on November 13th. It doesn't matter what version you buy you'll have to wait till it's activated on Steam.

And unfortunatly for Austrailian players you'll have to pay $90. For now here's some silly quotes I found.

10:37 PM on 10.17.2009

Modern Warfare 2 "Updates" (No Dedicated Servers or Mods)

Since I haven't seen anyone post a blog about the recent update here are some new things about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 as reported by BASHandSlash.

> IW has control of the game
> IWnet servers will host multiplayer
> DLC will be a charged item for PC
> No dedicated servers
> Matchmaking system used to play with similarly ranked players
> VAC instead of PB
> Semi-capable password servers
> Semi-capable ad-hoc servers
> Competitive play is dead
> MW2 mods would not be possible
> Full integration into Steam

Now if you're a PC gamer you know how much of a terrible decision this is. As of Sunday, October 17, 2009 11:46 PM EST there are 1,501 signatures on the petition against these changes. . No doubt we'll see Jim posting about how PC gamers whine too much about our point and click games.

Also you can see there are many upset players on the Infinity Ward forums. I guess for now we can wait for FourTwoZero to post system specs...   read

8:13 AM on 10.10.2009

"Don't Buy Batman: AA For PC" Update

In my original post here I had stated my issues with Batman: Arkham Asylum for PC. It became increasingly more apparent there was an issues with the disk as I tried many things to troubleshoot the problem.

So about maybe a bit over a week ago I had rode my bike to GameStop (In hindsight I should have just called.) and they said what I was expecting, "we don't accept returns on PC games". Now the policy on the back of the receipt states they take exchanges for up to 60 days. But the flip side of that is they can choose not to at any time. I know the possibility of someone stealing the CD key but that's definitely not something I would do.

Now I understand them not taking back my game but I had specifically asked for an "exchange". In my mind exchanges are for when the product you have purchased isn't operating to your expectations. I was told by them to use the manufacturer warranty but I had already attempted this but the online support is minimal and I was greeted with a recording when I had called them. Now imagine if you had bought a brand new TV and it didn't work then when you tried to return it to the store they tell you it's not there part the manufacturer messed up.

It wasn't till Tuesday of this past week that I had gone to a different GameStop where the manager on duty was very understanding and was willing to take back the game as a "defective" copy. Unfortunately he had no copies in stock. He then told me to go to another GameStop that did have a copy. This also happened to be the one that I had originally purchased from and had refused to help me. But this time since they had spoke to the manager of they other store and their manager they had let me swap the disk. Before she kept asking if my PC could run the game and she wasn't listening to me when I had stated the game won't install meaning I didn't even get to enter the CD key. I just wanted a simple disk swap the whole time.

Now I know PC games are a whole different sitiuation than most other games but it would be better if we could actually own our games. I could sell my copy of Battlefield 1942 and it would work on anyone's computer. But I had bought a used copy of Battlefield 2142 from some random guy at GameStop and it wasn't till I installed the game that I found out the CD key was tied to his account. Games now a days have multitudes of copy protection some great some not so great. Brad Wardell has some interesting thoughts on PC gamer rights and I would definitely hope the industry moves in that direction one day.

*Please Note*
I'm not complaining about how knowlegeble the staff is about games. I think those who do complain about it are silly. I usually know what games I'm going to buy and am in and out in a few minutes. I don't need to ask if a Hanna Montana game is better than Modern Warfare 2.   read

8:23 PM on 09.16.2009

Unreal Tournament Free This Weekend OR... could play Quake Live. Free. Forever. Service subject to immediate termination at id software's discretion.

Come on prove me wrong that Quake Live isn't the better deal.

UT3 - $20.00

UT3 - 7.61GB
QL - 16MB

UT3 - Some
QL - Lots

You could play Unreal Tournament III this weekend or you could spend that time more wisely and play Quake Live. The choice is yours.

11:16 PM on 09.15.2009

Don't Buy Batman:AA For PC

Or at least not yet.

I'm sure this will hit the blog headlines in the coming days but the game just doesn't work. There are many complaints about the game on the Eidos forums. There seems to be different levels of dysfunction in this game.

1. Unable to install
2. Crash at startup
3. Random crashes
4. No PhysX
5. Unable to apply patch
6. Unable to glide/grapple
7. Unable to pass "Botanical Garden"

Now there a many more than this but these are the big problems. I think I have the worst one. I'm am completely unable to install the game.

I encountered the "feature transfer error" and now do not have an option to install or uninstall and if I click "Play Game" it doesn't work.

I'm sure it's a great game but for the time being the launch has been a bit shaky. Perhaps it's a bad batch of disks.

I'm halfway between trying hard to get a refund and tossing the disk out my window right now. The worst thing about this situation is the lack of official support on Eidos's forums. It's very surprising that there's practically no response to anyone's problems on launch day.

Maybe there is a "bug" in their code after all.   read

5:05 PM on 09.02.2009

Improving game communities: Improve What?

I have a bit of experience running an online community and have loads of experience being apart of one. I got my first e-mail address when I was 11 and have been apart of message boards since then. I wasn't sure if I wanted to write a blog but the previous ones written buy AKK and nekobun were really interesting and I want. One thing I've noticed with game communities is they like to complain a lot.

I won't get into people complaining about Activision being greedy or PS3 vs. Xbox 360 but how community members don't get along. Now I love the internet with its free speech and anonymity. But some seem to get really hurt by words. If I disagree with someone I will either respond with a thought out counter argument or ignore them. though I must admit I do get a chuckle out of post that are made to intentionally get a rise out of people, especially when I'm apart of the group being attacked.

Now I can see why others would be annoyed by others on the internet. People act different on the web. Most would not act the way they do with their internet personas. And there are some who expect others to act just as they would in person. Yet when confronting these hostile individuals they stoop down to their level.

I was on a board where this one guy kept complaining about the number of topics I made yet would always respond to them. As many of you know when replying to a message board topic it floats to the top. If they guy really thought my topic wasn't worthy of discussion he should have just let it sink to the bottom yet he felt compelled enough to open the link, read the post, and make a reply chewing me out.

We have to find boundaries in web communities. Laws don't exactly apply the same way as they do in "real life". We have to remember we're all on a privately owned website and in the end the owner makes the rules. But I don't always agree with moderators or administrators. I believe the community should have a big say in what flies and what doesn't.

There should be set guidelines on the big things that are "illegal". Obvious things would be racism, death threats, and pornography (Unless it's an 18+ community) just to name a few. For smaller things like flaming or arguments the community should decide.

I had touched on this before but if you don't like what someone is saying stop replying to them. When you reply you're justifying their words and have no right to complain about what they're saying. Now I know it's real hard to ignore a complete idiot. I am interested in the BBS function of "sage". If you don't know what that is it's basically a way to reply to a post with out bumping it. Therefore you can speak your mind with out give someone the satisfaction of a front page post. I had looked for this function for my PHPBB board but to no avail yet I'm sure there's one somewhere.

As I've said I have a bit of experience running online communities and have my own outlook on it. I really love the whole "for the people, by the people" concept. Now I have an account on YouTube and GameTrailers. Both sites have a "thumb system". On YouTube if you get enough negative thumbs your comment is no longer visible unless someone clicks reply. On GameTrailers your comment stays visible yet your score, either negative or positive, stays with you.

Now on both sites I got replies that were both commenting on my race. On YouTube they comment "That's actually a health hazard to drink, but can't blame that n***** for being so stupid." was immediately marked as spam after -12 thumbs. It wasn't till the GameTrailers comment reached over -100 thumbs that it was removed by a moderator. I hadn't thumbed, marked as spam, or asked any moderators to deal with either of these people. Honestly I don't care what they say because it doesn't effect me and if they community doesn't like it they'll handle it.

I hope you like my first blog. I really didn't expect it to be so long. Thanks to those who read it all.   read

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