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Clance avatar 7:07 AM on 09.18.2009  (server time)
How the BBC blatantly hates Sony. Also, they love Microsoft.

Gather round, ladies and gentlemen. Pull up a chair and line your puckered arses on a pew, as we go on a journey into the minds of those behind the most powerful force in global television and how these minds are out to bring down the PS3.

Let's rewind back to last night, shall we? BBC One broadcasted their show Watchdog, in which the presenter - a bloke with a soft Scottish accent and a rather self-righteous attitude, tonight represented by Anne Robinson - sits on the edges of desks in a dimly lit (health and safety anyone?) studio made to look like an "office" or "television epicenter" and talks shit about some sweeaty builder with a mortgage to pay. Phones will be ringing off the hook in the background and Joe Bloggs office worker will pretend to talk to some poor old pensioner in Potters Bar with broken central heating and a stiff cat flap... of course, you can't hear them at all. If you did, you'd realise they were actually calling their mums to ask if they still had visible hat hair on telly. I digress.

Last night's show featured an assasssination attempt against the PlayStation 3, claiming the infamous 'Yellow Ring Of Death' was getting out of hand. Below are the facts from the show, why they are out of line, a few of my own assumptions (also known as the truth) and some interesting things that have happened on Today. All of which proves that the BBC are in bed with Microsoft.

The Show:

- Claimed that PS3 costs £400 – that hasn’t been true for nearly two years

- stated that 12,500 UK machines had suffered the ‘Yellow Light Of Death’, a conclusion drawn from Sony’s claim that 0.5% UK’s 2.5m PS3 had suffered issues - show neglected to mention that not all reported problems are related to the YLOD (I for one had a different problem). Also, 0.5%??? I pay my TV license, go to the supermarket, cook my square meal, sit down and turn on Watchdog to be shocked by THAT?

- Sony was accused of offering only a standard one-year warranty – every other consumer tech firm in the country does this.

- some claimed they had suffered console failures had lost the data stored on the machine - back up your shit

- Something about trapped gas. Probably from a crackpipe in Sony HQ.

The Aftermath

Click on this (if you do it soon, hopefully things will be as I saw it). Scroll down and on the right will be a write-up on the Watchdog thing. However, curiously, a few PC screen inches above this, in the "Also In The News" section, is a story entitled "Farewell Master Chief: New Halo 3 game stars 'ordinary' characters".

Isn't it slightly (read: massively) odd that on the main page of BBC News is a headline that links to a promo video of ODST?

Add to this the Watchdog article, which goes on and on about the YLOD but makes absolutely no mention of the rather massive Xbox 360 problem, 'Red Ring Of Death' - from which the name of Sony's new problem is derived. There is also ZERO mention of the recently released and highly promoted £250 PS3 Slim in the article. Perhaps a quote that the new model would hope to irradicate issues would have been useful to mention.

I'll leave you with this thought: BBC iPlayer has been installed on the XMB to increase the likelihood of the YLOD happening.

Conclusion? BBC love Microsoft, or have been bought and sold by Bill Gates.


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