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(Nexon is a company that produces "free-to-play" games, such as the infamous/famous Maple Story. Though I don't care for that game. I'm digging Vindictus. BUT ANYWAY!)

Over a month ago, I bought $50 worth of pre-paid Nexon cards. For some unknown reason, they didn't work. I filed a Support Ticket, but over a month later, it remains unanswered. (though they had time to call me for an interview to help them make more money in my area)

Anyway, I made a thread in Nexon's forums giving them a time limit of 10 days before I pursue legal action. According to random members, Nexon can ban me for this.


I'm sharing the link to this thread with as many websites as I can because I want Nexon to understand that they can't mess with customer's money and think they can just hide the scam under a rug. I want the public to see how this unfolds and question Nexon about it in the case something shady does go down.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for any support I may get.