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Ckarasu avatar 8:18 PM on 04.04.2009  (server time)
Time for a Contest (updated list and index)

So, in the spirit of being a pretty cool dude, I'm giving away a few of my games. I figured I should make a simple and fun contest out of it. It won't require anything more than a creative mind and a keyboard.

The topic is quite simple: Almost everyone who has ever played a game has encountered a particular boss or enemy who has kicked their ass. So, I'm asking you guys to tell me of one such boss or enemy. You must give me reasons why you found it so tough, your emotions when you lost, and how you felt when you won. Oh, and anyone can enter (even editors).

The title of the post should read:
That one Mook: and then your title

Games I'm giving out (they are slightly used, but are in working condition. I've made sure):
Soul Nomad
Atelier Iris 1 & 2
Jade Cocoon
Disgaea Ds
Persona 3 FES
Final Fantasy 9
Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
FF Anthology (4 & 5)
FF Anthology (Chrono Trigger & 6)
Odin Sphere
FF Tactics: War of the Lions

1st place will be allowed to choose any two of the games on the list (and will get a neato Mario coin and Fire Emblem Cell picture)
2nd place gets two of what's left
3rd place gets one of what ever is left over.

I'll also keep track of the entries here:
JoeCamNet's Entry
Doomsday Forte's Entry
Bwark-Kupo's Entry
De BLOO's Entry
Magnalon's Entry
ZombiePlatypus' Entry
Zodiac Eclipse's Entry
Dudemullet's Entry
Manasteel88's Entry
Etirflita's Entry

Contest ends on April 13th. Hope to see plenty of entries.

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