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Ckarasu avatar 9:39 PM on 03.24.2013  (server time)
The 3/22 PS3 FNF Recap: Orgia Mode Edition + A surprise

Dat Aigis Orgia mode domination. Tonight, we had a fair bit of fun with Anarchy Reigns, even managing to fill out both teams for Deathball. Then we had fun with long time Dtoid member Zoel, as he showed us how Persona 4 Arena is really played. Also, sorry for the delay in posting this, but I had a good reason, as you shall soon see.

Game 1: Anarchy Reigns

Deathball is a man's sport, and any words to the contrary are heresy. Lot's of death and tons of scoring marked this week's game. Salt was had, Nikolai psycho crushed quite a few fools. A great night was had by all.

Game 2: Persona 4 Arena

For those new to the community, and are not sure who this person is, Zoel has been a long time member of Destructoid with a huge fetish for the Ys series and is freakishly good at fighting games. Much owning commenced, and we found out just how noobish we really were. To my credit, I did KO him once, which I am proud about.


Let's Fail at Hard Corps Uprising

This was an undertaking by me, Zoel, Lemon and his friend Samantha. Hard Corps Uprising is a game by Konami and is very reminiscent of Metal Slug(for good reason). I came in practically blind, so I have little idea what I was doing. We recorded 3 videos, the last 2 which will be released this week, where we attempted to make our way through this ball buster of a game. Obviously, the game had other ideas. So, sit back and enjoy what can only be described as an extended out takes reel.

The voices are a fair bit louder than the game, as I did not have a consistent volume throughout the playthrough, so forgive me for that. Also, Lemon was sick, so please try not to get too annoyed at his coughing(which he did his best to manage, mind you).

Until next time, folks!

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