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Ckarasu avatar 12:08 AM on 03.26.2013  (server time)
Let's Fail at Hard Corps Uprising!

Here are the first two videos of what I hope to be an ongoing series of attempts at this game. The first was uploaded in the FNF recaps, and the second is a new one. There should be a third uploaded later this week, and perhaps more to follow. Keep in mind that I hardly played the game, so I'm not too great at it as evident in the videos.

The first attempt with Zoel, as previously posted. I just posted it here for those that missed it, and for everything to be in one place. It was a fun attempt, but that last bike scene was too crazy for us.

This attempt was with me and Lemon's friend, Samantha. Things went way better, and we actually made some progress. But things turned to shit once those god damned sniper showed up. I hate them so much. Still, it was super fun.

Expect more videos at some point. I hope to make this a weekly thing, at best, where I post up videos of attempts at some hard games or just some competitive stuff.

Feel free to make suggestions, if you have any. I'm always up for input, after all.

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