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Okay, so this is my first time writing a blog. I figured I'd write about something I've been having a lot of experience with recently - The Shattered.

What is The Shattered?

For those that don't know, The Shattered is made up of fans of Destructoid's gaming podcast, Podtoid. Given the name 'The Shattered' by Jim Sterling in Podtoid 249, on the surface they appear to generally be insane degenerates. Dig a little deeper though, and there's a lot more to this fanbase than you might think.
I first began to listen to Podtoid around about podcast 248. For anyone who hasn't listened to Podtoid, it's a weekly podcast hosted by Jim Sterling, Conrad Zimmerman and Jonathan Holmes. Some of the most popular features include film pitches for Willem Dafoe, texts from Trent Reznor, ideas for Jonathan Holmes, and, very rarely, video game talk. The podcast is such a hit, in my opinion, because of the chemistry between the three hosts. It's probably the most hilarious podcast I listen to, and easily the highlight of my week.
In podcast 249, Jim talks about how some fans have been sending him 'cum tributes' (look it up if you don't know what they are), and how the fans often ask him 'Where's Podtoid?', to the point of just doing it to be annoying. He then goes on to christen the fans 'The Shattered', later saying they were once vaguely human.

Why are they the best?

Now, this may give the impression that these people are degenerates who are detrimental to society. And looking at the Facebook group(s), that idea may just be strengthened. However, this is possibly the greatest single group of people I've spoken to online.
Looking on the Facebook groups 'Podtoid' and 'Podtoid - with Blackjack and Hookers', there's pretty much always a conversation going on to join in with. Sometimes it can be serious talk, sometimes really stupid. However, no matter the conversation, it's easy to join in and give your say, and for the most part people will be accepting of you and let you have your say.
I feel like one of the biggest advantages of the group is that since a lot of the guys and girls are into weird stuff, or accepting of weird stuff, they'll be accepting of someone whether they're completely normal or practically insane.
Another pretty sweet thing about the Shattered is the fanart they produce is fantastic. From making move posters of Willem Dafoe movie pitches, to art based on things Sterling says, to just putting the Podtoid hosts into other movies, there's tons of art out there, and it's pretty much all hilarious.
I decided I wanted to wrote this blog after a particular conversation on 'Podtoid - with Blackjack and Hookers'. I've been having a pretty bad time recently with my personal life, and felt pretty bad last night. I ended up asking for advice on what to do, asking my fellow Shattered for some words of wisdom since I feel I can trust these guys. I was greeted by a group of people giving me advice and being friendly, actually trying to help out rather than insult me, which I would expect from some other groups.
These guys might seem like they're weird, or sick, or just generally bad apples, but get to know them, and they can be the nicest guys in the world, happy to joke with you, give advice, and for the most part be very welcoming to you. After a few weeks experiencing the Shattered Facebook groups, I feel safe to day it is the greatest group of fans I've ever talked to on the internet.

Finishing up

I'd like to give a quick shout-out to some of the coolest guys from the two groups: Mattias Sjöstrand, Brian Green, Sam Morris, Luce X Leclair, and countless others. You guys make The Shattered for me.

For those that want to know more about the Shattered/ Podtoid, check Check out the Podtoid group and the Podtoid - with Blackjack and Hookers group on Facebook, and also give a listen to The Shattered Podcast, ShatteredDome and PodTea'd podcasts
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