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If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.

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Got the Deluxe Edition of Demon's Souls? Upset with the guide's poor quality? Well be upset no longer!

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So I happen to have an extra Demo code for PS3 and since I have no PS3 wielding friends, I'm gonna give it away to one lucky dtoider who is on the fence about getting the game and didn't pre-order. Unfortunately this is US only as the code states it only works in the US, sorry my overseas comrades. Anyways, to make this easy and painless, 10th commenter gets the code, leave your email if it's not on your profile and to be fair to everyone you can only comment once. PS3 Demo goes live tonight at 11pm PST, bullshit I know, and fuck you 360 people who got yours earlier today.

So I e-mailed Niero about using the steam cards from for the steam id's as just the steam username displaying looked baron next the shiny new PSN ID's and live cards. Lo and behold the great robot master agreed and so he did it! As you can see I haven't been playing enough steam lately, I should get on that.

Oh and just so everyone can be happy here are some boobs.


10:35 PM on 08.24.2009

1:05 AM on 05.10.2009

YAY! Let's spam the c-blogs today with bday posts for everyone's favorite dtoid staffer!!!!!!!!!! I don't know you on a personal level Colette but everything you post is gold! Thanks for making dtoid that much better! Now for birfday songs!!!!!!

3:21 PM on 04.26.2009

I think I may be the luckiest person alive right now considering what I just found at my local Goodwill. But before I get into that let me show you the latest stuff I've found in the last few months. Most of this stuff I got at Ed Mckays used books. Which I doubt anyone outside of North Carolina knows about since they only have about 5 stores in the state itself mostly in major cities.

First up we have some PS2 games I've been wanting to get my hands on, the first 2 I actually had to acquire from playasia, the 3rd I found at gamestop.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix +, Final Fantasy X International, and God Hand(Another amazing Clover title).

Next up we've got some PSX games mostly were cheap($5-$10), all but one were acquired at Ed Mckays.

Legend of Dragoon, Jade Cocoon, Final Fantasy VII GH :*(, Final Fantasy VII International(PlayAsia) :D, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Vandal Hearts, and NO ONE CAN STOP MR. DOMINO!!!!!! :D

Oh and this.


Now on to the good stuff, I hit up my local goodwill earlier today, noticed they had a box with a Dreamcast in it and a stack of games all selling for $45. Well I'm broke as fuck right now and I already own a Dreamcast so I asked if I could just purchase some of the games, they said it was a package deal but I was welcome to ask the manager so you bet your ass I did, he of course says sure $4 a game. I'm thinking holy shit yes.. because my friends.. this is what was in that box of awesome... The first 2 games I grab are

Sonic Adventure and Grandia II! Both complete with manuals and the discs are in mint condition. Gradia II even has a soundtrack cd which I didn't even know so that was a nice bonus.

Then I looked through some more... and holy fuck..... HOLY FUCK........

I could hardly believe what I just saw, I almost half expected the cases to have the wrong game in them. BUT HOLY SHIT $4 a piece!!! Both of these go for upwards of $50-70 on ebay, I saw the PS2 version of MVC2 at Gamestop a month ago and it was $75 used, had to be the most expensive used game I've ever come across at Gamestop! WHO WOULD GIVE THESE AWAY!? Obviously a very naive person.
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