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9:15 PM on 01.02.2008


Just read this from TheGameReviews site about MGS4 coming to Xbox 360. I guess it was just a rumor but you never can tell nowadays. had the opportunity to speak with Konamiís PR about this latest rumor, and unsurprisingly, Konami is baffled by claims that Metal Gear Solid 4 is going multiplatform. In a rush to get the word out, it seems that those who broke the story talked to everyone except Konami, who made this statement "For the record, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a PlayStation 3 exclusive and there are no plans to develop an Xbox 360 version of the game." Nuff said..   read

1:42 PM on 01.02.2008

Why is Pokemon Still So Addictive?

So I just came back from staying the New Year's at a friends beach-house down in the Outer Banks, NC. Before I packed up my clothes, iPod, and other toiletries, I looked to my desk to see my lonely Gameboy SP sitting on it. I went over and picked it up to discover that Pokemon LeafGreen was in it. Sensing a desire to play again, I put it in my pocket just in case.

The moment I got there, I and my 5 friends discover that no one brought a game console. Since we're all Gamers/College Students/4Channers etc. We were all dismayed at this fact. So we decided to pass the time by drinking and playing strip poker. I was bored and decided to start playing LeafGreen. I noticed I was at Misty's Gym and after getting my ass raped I decided to go on a grinding spree. Before I knew it, I was in Diglett's Cave, beating Lt. Surge's ass, getting seasick on the S.S. Anne, etc. I'm now in the Pokemon Tower getting freaked out by THE GHOST. I can't stop playing. What is wrong with me? Is it the accessibility of Pokemon? The engaging system of fighting and raising stats? The feeling of joy when your strategy of using Weepinbell's Wrap combined with Poisonpowder finally comes through for you? I have no idea. All I know is that I can't stop playing and I won't stop until I have every one of those cuddly bastards.

So Destructoid, am I alone or what? I know you guys have games that you thought you'd never play again but ended up getting sucked back into.   read

10:53 PM on 12.26.2007

Unjustified Anger: A Gamestop Story

So I went out with my friends today and we decided to go to the mall because my friend wanted to get a Gameboy SP so she could play her "pokemans." We get to the Gamestop in the mall and start talking to the guys at the front counter. The conversation went like this:

Friend - "So Chromer, do you have a next gen console?"

Me - "No not yet, but I plan on getting a PS3."

Friend - "A PS3 man!? I'd rather play my Xbox 360 considering it's like $300 cheaper than a PS3."

Me - What are you talking about? The Xbox 360 is $50 cheaper than a PS3."

Friend - "$50?"

Friend 2 - "Yeah, they're selling PS3s for $400 while a 360 is $350. Where have you been?"

Ouch. Of course I'm a huge Sony fanboy myself but I try not to let it get in the way of my friendship with people. However some things can't be avoided.

Me - "So Store Clerks, do any of you guys have a next gen console?"

Clerk 1 - "Yeah man! I have a PS3. I would never bother with a Xbox 360. I couldn't stand having my 360 RRoD on me when I'm playing a game.

Friend - "Yeah, well I just got my 360 back when it RRoD on me after playing Guitar Hero 3.


Store Clerk 2 - "I love my PS3 to death. I mean I wouldn't mind playing some 360 exclusives like Mass Effect and Bioshock but why would I when I can just play games on the 360 on my PC?

Friend - "Yeah well, at least Microsoft is fixing the RRoD with the new Xbox 360s.

Me - "Dude, even with the new Falcon chipsets, it's still pretty hard to determine which is which until you actually get it home. I'd rather go with a Wii or a PS3 and not have to worry about my 360 RRoD everytime I turn it on.

Friend - "WELL I ENJOY MY 360 OK!?"

Me - "Calm down dude. I'm just pointing out your arguments. No need to get mad."

After that we promptly left, with my friend with her Gameboy SP and my friend's dignity low anhd his anger exceptionally high. Honestly, I wasn't trying to start shit but I think if someone is going to try and talk turkey about something, at least do your research. AM I wrong for doing what I did?   read

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