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Christopher J Oatis avatar 11:14 AM on 09.24.2011  (server time)
New Fallout DLC Crashes Far Too many Fans' Consoles

Being a die hard Fan (Back to the Wasteland days) of the Fallout Canon, I was as pumped for New Vegas as anyone. Of course, the initial release polarized the fan base in the same fashion that Fallout 3 had, but that chatter waned, and a larger issue rose like an angry Super mutant over the horizon, the issue of bugs, and I wish I was talking about overly difficult Rad-Roaches. My experience with the poor programing issues has increased exponentially with the installation of each DLC, and now with my installation of Lonesome Road, the game has been rendered unplayable.

I figured it was probably just my bad luck, but a quick Google search produced a Rivet City sized population of angry Fallout Fans cursing to the digital world about similar problems: slow down after twenty minutes of play, battles that lag to the point of one frame every five seconds, ten second to twenty second wait times to access chests, dead bodies, or even your own PIP BOY. The list goes on. After my installation of Old World Blues, I had the Blues, alright, but only because I had to change my game play after realizing that the graphics didn't lag at night and in buildings, leaving me ducking into buildings like a damned vampire to avoid my game crashing.

I saw the hand writing on the wall after that train wreck of a gameplay experience, but I still hoped against a fools hope, and plunked down ten caps for Lonesome Road, but the results were worse than I expected. I no longer even had the twenty minute grace period after restarting the game. First battle with more than one opponent slows the game to an unplayable mess of enemies moving in teleported chunks and my gun aim responding in inches five to ten seconds after requesting it to pan left or right. Unforgivable.

I recognize, as gamers, our hobby is very maligned as time wasting, but that's probably what's so insulting about this process. This experience has left me with only the option to restart from the beginning, and forget about the collective experience and all the hours of my life that I shared with this stupid avatar, which kind of makes want to just sit down and read a book outside instead. Sad huh?

So, to all who developed this game, thank you for helping me get back on fitness routine with your half-assed programing and poor excuse for play testing. If you ever develop a patch that fixes this mess, don't let me know. I.m probably better off. Has anyone one else out there had the same problem and would like to walk on this Lonesome Road with me???????

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