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Christopher J Oatis's blog

2:02 PM on 04.05.2013

Only Person in the World With Criticism of Bioshock Infinite

Now Don't get me wrong. Ken Levine has never made a bad game with the word "Shock" in it, and Infinite is not the exception to that rule. Infinite's mix of multi-era music, slick combat, and writing that brought emotional us...   read

11:14 AM on 09.24.2011

New Fallout DLC Crashes Far Too many Fans' Consoles

Being a die hard Fan (Back to the Wasteland days) of the Fallout Canon, I was as pumped for New Vegas as anyone. Of course, the initial release polarized the fan base in the same fashion that Fallout 3 had, but that chatter w...   read

9:07 AM on 12.29.2010

Year End's Reflection: Fallout NV

I know Fallout NV reviews are old news, but I'd like to tackle some points that I haven't seen addressed, since I've had time to really soak up the game from different perspectives and played out a handful of the choices. Whi...   read

3:17 PM on 10.03.2010

Dead Rising 2: Not for the Uninfected.

The Dead Rising franchise gained its inception and inspiration from the 1978 Version of Dawn of the Dead and fulfills the fantasy of everyone who saw that movie and wanted to live in such in a environment. Sniping Zombies, st...   read

9:28 AM on 09.09.2010

Dead Rising Case Zero Sets Bad Precedence.

After finishing Capcom's Case Zero I sat down to think about what I just played. Well, it was glimpse of the upcoming game: new combo items, new weapons, smarter followers, and (trumpets please) the ability to aim, shoot, AND...   read

5:56 PM on 04.30.2010

Alone in the Dark II: Another Reason to make VG movies illegal

The other day I sat down and watched, against my better judgment, Alone in the Dark II (2008). I got nostalgic and soon found myself suckered in with the mentality that it couldn't ruin one of my favorite childhood franchises...   read

1:51 PM on 04.07.2010

Why Deadly Premontions is the Best Game of the year, Not the worst.

How can a survival horror title that has outdated graphics, a mind numbingly annoying soundtrack; and gameplay consisting of repetitive Easter egg hunts, taxiing, and two dimensional combat be considered the best survival hor...   read

5:05 PM on 02.21.2010

Bioshock 2 Review: Great Story driven game-Unnecessary Multiplayer

Remember a few years back when that crab went on and on about how life was better under the sea? Of course, the grouch Iím talking about is Andrew Ryan, the developer of Rapture, an underwater setting of genetic drug addicts ...   read

3:37 PM on 02.18.2010

Why do people LIKE Dragon Age?

Yes that title is a question? I couldn't have imagined a bigger disappointment than Dragon Age Origins provided. After working my way through my Game Queue, It finally showed up in the mail the other day and after I had wast...   read

12:41 PM on 02.11.2010

Darkside Chronicles: Another Reason Resident Evil Needs To Turn A Corner

Remember turning that first corner in Resident Evil to find one of your comrades from Bravo Team with his face being gnawed off by Resident Evil's first zombie? Can you believe that was fourteen years, seven main series games...   read

3:14 PM on 11.05.2009

Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Shows Signs of Decomposition

This past week, the fallís most anticipated Zombie Apocalypse title, Left 4 Dead 2, unleashed its demo to mass audiences. With the actual title coming to knock its rotting fingers on door steps in less than two weeks, the sho...   read

1:57 PM on 08.07.2009

"Natal", Not end-all

ďYou mean you have to use your hands. Thatís like a babyís toy.Ē Marty McFly is told this in. 2015 by two kids after showing them how to play an 80ís light gun game. Back To the Future 2 may not be far off with their pro...   read

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