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Christerious avatar 1:43 PM on 04.25.2013  (server time)
Doing Everything But PLAY Video Games

Hey DToiders; I thought I'd introduce myself by saying that I like video games. Except that I hardly get around to playing them. I love watching them, listening to them, reading about them. However the amount of time I spend doing this exceeds the amount of time I play them by an excessive amount. Is that weird?

In all seriousness, I don't think it's particularly 'weird', but I find it to be intriguing how much entertainment you can get out of a game without having played it. I'm a huge fan of video game soundtracks, and so are a lot of people. Like movies, the music associated with certain moments can be pretty emotional and nostalgic. They can also be pretty awesome on their own, but every now and then there's a piece of music that I personally don't enjoy listening to. I don't really understand exactly why, and I find it incredibly difficult to describe exactly why I like or don't like certain songs (I'm no music theory nut, and I'm not the greatest at explaining myself).

Gotta love them chiptunes. I have actually played this, too.

Then I remember I haven't actually played the game, which is the case for most soundtracks I listen to. Then I remember how huge a backlog of games I have, and all the times I've spoken about a game and uttered the lines 'Well, I haven't played it, but I've heard...' and so on. I clearly have enough time to read up on all these games, watch streams and speedruns, and listen to their music. I also know that these experiences are often a lot better when you've actually played the game. Weird, right?

Whilst appreciating the music is perfectly understandable, enjoying Lets Plays and streams (which I do) isn't as understandable to me, and yet they're extremely popular. I'm not going to generalise and say that all there is to it is people playing games for you, since most involve some 'banter', or competition, or mastery of the game. But I sometimes question why I'm watching someone play something I could play perfectly well myself. Especially when I find my whole day has disappeared into thin air through watching twitch streams.


I know I'm pretty lazy, and I get carried away with mindless entertainment all the time, but sometimes I start to question why I buy so many games if I rarely get round to playing them. Maybe I just like amalgamating a huge collection of them, or I just like good deals, such as every indie bundle in existence ever. I'm not entirely sure, myself. I think it's mostly a time management issue on my end. To elaborate, I do play games every now and then, however funnily enough I often find myself playing the most mindless, 'pick up and play' sort of game, such as Super Hexagon, which has eaten way too much of my time.

Silly game, that isn't even a real hexagon!

I know this is a pretty aimless blog, mostly because I can't explain myself very well, and also because I hardly ever write anything and this is my first blog. But I felt like throwing this out into the wild partly to get me formulating opinions on things more, improve my writing, see other people's opinions, get involved in the community, etcetera, I also have a tendency to become critical of anything I make and swiftly delete it, so I'm fighting against that compulsion.

Hopefully it's mildly interesting and structured, and hopefully I'll write something more coherent at some point (I'm considering highlighting random video game composers, or going on about a game in my backlog as an incentive to play it more). So basically, if anyone's got any criticisms or suggestions on what/how to write, do let me now.

Credit to Spacecoyote for the neat art (and I assume Souleye for the PPPPPP album art, plus an arbitrary screenshot of Super Hexagon for good measure).

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