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2:11 PM on 08.04.2009

Game Trailers Done Right

Well its finally happened. Just last night a game company released what might just be the best game trailer ever created. Yes, I know. With the myriad of trailers that come out in all forms its hard to believe. But you must have faith. The best, and almost, ironic thing about this particular trailer is that it shows absolutely no gameplay footage at all and it has single handedly peaked my interest in a game that was little more than an insignificant blip, on the insignigicant radar, on the insignificant part of my brain that I usually have on point during my binge drinking sessions.

The new trailer for WET has been released and that, my friends is the very trailer. In case you were abducted during the late afternoon yesterday and spent the night in the darkened truck of the local sex offender only to be rescued this morning, here it is.

No gameplay? Check. Humour? Check. Creativity? Check.

The thing here is that I don't NEED to see gameplay here. If THIS is the creativity that the producers of this game show just on a fucking trailer...then my hopes and excitement for this game are raised tenfold. Of course, I never underestimate my ability to be wrong. It could be a festering shitpille when I finally play it. But for now I'm excited and thats what a trailer is supposed to do.

So why the hell can't game companies take a lesson from this? Why do most trailers show the same old, same old and generally suck? Well there are many reasons.


You may not know it but everyone knows a marketing person. Yes...even you...though you may not have even known it. Remember that kid in high school who used to try to be cool but could never get it quite right? No, not you or I. We weren't cool and we didn't try. I'm talking about that kid who was convinced that he had his sticky finger on the artery of society and would follow any trend with reckless abandon...albeight do it really poorly. One month he's a hippy, then a gangsta' then...something else and you don't even know what the fuck he's doing. But he's CONVINCED he knows. Well that kid, ladies and gentlemen, grew up to be a Marketing person for a big corporation. And they still think they know what YOU want. These are the people responsible for that trainwreck of a trailer for Dragon Age Origins. You know the one with the Marilyn Manson and the people vomiting blood all over their own crotches while dwarves lick it off. yeah...that one. The trailer that would turn away real RPG'ers who would buy the game, and fool 'YEAH VIOLENCE HALO GTA!!!!" fanboys into buying a game they would think has too many words.


We are all well aware that large companies like EA and Activision are souless, eyeless beings who bleed acid when cut and don't go to the bathroom EVER. When these beasts can wipe away the baby and puppy blood from their eyes long enough to make it into the office there is one motivation festering deep within the hunk of tumorous, teeth sprouting, hunks of flesh that pass for their brains. Money. These individuals make up the "final word' of what you see in many of the trailers you see today. And these decisions are made not on creativity, but soley on focus groups, polling and a strange divination ritual where they saw off their own legs and throw them into a spackle bucket. Its the reason every COD trailer looks the same. Its the reason that there are only about 4 franchises that the general puclic gets really excited about. Its the reason noone will buy WET regardless.

So watch the trailer, pass it along, help it go viral. Do your part by doing my bidding. This I command!   read

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