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In news that can only be described as late for the living, the curators of PAX 2009 have FINALLY released some information regarding the event that happening less than a month away. Now I love spending 50 dollars, with no knowledge at all as to what I'm getting, as the next guy but I'm pretty excited that we are finally getting some information.

And what information it is. The sleeping giant of PAX 2009 has awoken and the list is expansive to say the least. Some of the local villagers are leaping with joy since rumor is that PAX 2008 was something to be desired. Unfortunately I didn't attend last year, instead sitting outside the main doors with GIGANTIC puppy eyes and smelling the faint and sweet smell of connectors and motherboards bristling with vibrant video game energy.

A couple of big ticket items? Playable Dragon Age Origins and the new Star Wars MMO being "shown" with moving pictures which are much like pictures except they are moving and making noises. Whether they are making the same sex crazed and blood spewing noises that Dragon Age Origins proports to make is yet to be seen.

I intend on doing a lot of posts around this time which you won't read since Destructoids main writers will also be doing the same thing. In order to combat this I intend to employ a variety of NINJA Skills (tm) to disrupt and disway any and ALL destructoid posting about PAX.

Well, maybe not.

The most important thing here is that I didn't buy enough Sake and Stranglehold is getting boring.


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