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Chris Cris's blog

5:34 PM on 05.03.2012

Summer Gaming

The summer is starting once again,we welcome it's warm days and beautiful sun.
Time for a vacation, time to stretch my fingers,pick up the controller and let my console show me once again great games to enjoy this summer.There are some games that left me with great memories over my life of gaming,most of them are games i played while enjoying the sun on the beach or simply sitting in my room in a hot afternoon with the A/C on! I would like to reminisce today for some of these games.

It was 2007,what a great year it was for me.I just had purchased a new pc that i needed for my school assignments,it was also the year i was browsing the web a lot and i still didn't know the basics yet of the world wide web.Summer was closing in and school days were almost over,i was really bored and I wanted a game to play,a game that would not only last a long time but it would also be fun and entertaining. I searched many games, i saw many reviews but little did i know that the game that i would really love would come from an Ad on youtube! There it was Tales Of Pirates a free mmorpg game, i gave it a try and it sucked me in it's simple yet magic and colorful world.Sure it was a free to play mmo and sure there were better choices out there but they were to serious and they were also pay to play which i couldn't afford yet,i made my account on the site i downloaded the client and waited to update so i could play.
It was really a simple game,with simple graphics,music and a standard mmo structure.The Theme of the mmo were pirates and different other nautical themes. Many days were lost in front of my pc,i was questing like mad,i was on a great guild we used to raid most of the time and we had fun! Many friendships were formed from this game not only internationally but with also people from my town and i still hang out with them,the community was great too,many friendly people on the forums and in the game .Again it wasn't the best game but it gave me hours of entertaiment and i still remember all the goofy things i used to do and all the grinding and the laughs we had over the chat .But Once again summer was ending school started again,i had to stop playing the game but i kept the people and the good memories.

In 2009 i bought a nintendo Ds lite,it was a really great handheld and it was the best thing to have with me on my vacation.I bought it with the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game which i can say it was amazing,from the unique gameplay to the art direction of the game,the scenery,it's amazing cast of characters and amazing music! You can say i was hooked.I could sympathize with its cast of characters and the puzzles were pretty unique, i didn't regret the time i spent trying to get a guilty verdict on someone and delivering sweet justice .Hours stuck on a simple yet tricky contradiction while awesome fast paced music was playing!

Another great game i played in 2010 was Fallout 3 on my xbox360,at first i didn't liked it because it was kinda monotonous and sometimes creepy and dark .I was really skeptical about it but i decided that i should give it another chance,it was after all a game by bethesda the game company that made the excellent for me elder scrolls : oblivion . And so i did i played all over again and what i really discovered was amazing,it took me some time to see its real beauty! A wasteland filled with stuff to do ,stories to be told in the big isolated towns or small gathered houses.It introduced me to some great music songs,the great art direction of the game and it's vast landscapes full of dirt,rust and radiation lakes made a great scenery! I dived into the mood of the story and the whole world that this masterpiece was taking place.I scanned the whole map ,did all the sidequests,main story quests (sure the ending was a dissapointment but dlc made it even for me) and gathered all the crazy equipment i could find.It was an amazing dark yet beautiful journey.

I could write for some other games too but i decided to try and keep it sort,mention only the most important ones. I hope i didn't bore you with my writing,but i wanted to share my adventures and my memories as a gamer with other fellow gamers.We have a great medium in our hands,we can share experiences with each other and we can also shape our own! I hope you enjoyed my post.

Keep on gaming
-Chris   read

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