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Chris Carter avatar 9:10 PM on 08.24.2009  (server time)
Why I love Destructoid

As a recapper myself, I feel like shit for subjecting Qalamari to this, so I almost didn't make one of these.

But, Destructoid is such an amazing community through and through, it deserves something!

I suppose a substantial non-memey post is in order then if I don't want to make failtoid.

Destructoid is currently the best gaming website on the internet because:

-The Editors and top dogs bother to respond to comments of all shapes and sizes: Jim even feeds the trolls! On other regurgitative, news dumpy sites, all you'll get is "'s the post. Have at it, consumer whores" (oh, and it's probably written by someone who's first game was Halo). With Destructoid, you'll get a naturally flowing discourse when you attempt to pose questions to the editors. Want proof? I questioned Destructoid's review policy and won shit for it.

-The Community contains every type of person you can imagine: casual gamers, batshit insane OCD gamers, numerous trolls, religious folk, atheists, console fanboys, PC gamers: you name it. We get everything from "this game sucks" to "the entropic nature of villains in relation to Frederick Niche".

-Niero (the site owner) fucking responds to us. When I started off in my quest to build a reputable gaming site, I came to Niero for advice. You know what he did? Emailed me back a detailed biography on how he got to where he is today. All I can say is: I was speechless. His advice worked, and now we are on Metacritic, Gamerankings, and are about to strike a new ad deal. I was able to meet him in person at E3, as press, and give him a big 'ol hug for his kindness: that's the stuff of dreams.

-I get called out on shit all the time, and I love it (mostly by Blehman because he hates me). People care here when they comment: instead of just feeling like your post would be a "throwaway": click that submit button! No comment is worthless.

There are a myriad of other reasons I could list on why I make Destructoid a daily part of my routine. The meme posts below are another, for example. Long term members supporting the site is something you don't really see every day.


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