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Chris Carter avatar 9:42 AM on 10.15.2012  (server time)
Shortblog: Check out this awesome retro Skyrim DIY project

It's not often that I'm impressed by do it yourself projects, but this gaming relating one caught my eye. The perfect marriage of retro and contemporary gaming is what made me so interested -- I love it anytime there's reverence for old school (which is probably why I get along so well with Destructoid's Chad Concelmo!).

One of my wife's co-workers had an awesome idea for his friend's birthday. His friend was a massive Skyrim fan, so he knew that he had to seize the opportunity, and make him something really special.

Initially, he considered ordering this custom Skyrim cartridge off of 72-Pins, but shortly afterwards he thought he would go the extra mile and make it a bit more personal.

After doing some internet matlockery, he came across a template, official Nintendo seals, a font that was as close as you could get to the NES cartridge style, and some laminate to protect the project's integrity. He ended up finding some awesome original retro-themed Skyrim artwork, and everything kind of just came together.

After doing some Photoshop wizardry he pared down the label for an NES cartridge, removed the old one and some yellow residue with Goo-b-gone, and BAM -- instant custom cartridge.

But he wasn't done there, because at this point, it was just pretty to look at -- and that wasn't enough. Using a guide from Instructables, he used a utility knife and a screwdriver to crack into the case and add some functionality to it.

All of this DIY madness makes me want to work on a project of my own -- I think Dark or Demon's Souls would be PERFECT for this.

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