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Chris Carter avatar 11:03 AM on 07.23.2009  (server time)
Magnalon's free XBLA/PSN game giveaway

So here's the rub. I'll be giving away one XBLA (R-Type Dimensions) and one PSN (Bomberman Live, with Mr. Destructoid!) redemption code. All you have to do is follow My Twitter, and tweet

RT @ChrisCarter_GL: Magnalon is giving away R-Type Dimensions! RT and follow to win - Rules - #magnalon360

If you want R-Type Dimensions


RT @ChrisCarter_GL: Magnalon is giving away Bomberman Live! RT and follow to win - Rules - #magnalonps3

If you want Bomberman Live

Entries will be accepted at the time of this post until 12AM EST, Friday, July 30th (one week from today).

To all you new twitter users, all you have to do is make an account and copy-pasta that exact message into the text box. At the end of the contest, I'll assign each person a number, and use a random number generator to see who wins. Make sure you're following me so I can direct message you the code!


Anyone can enter, even Editors! Of course, you can't win both codes, but you CAN enter both contests if you own both consoles! I'll announce the winners in this same blog, and over Twitter myself.

Just make sure to note that the R-Type XBLA code is restricted to US only, but with Bomberman Live! you can just create an American PSN account to redeem the code (I can give you instructions if needed).

Also, make sure you only tweet it once for each console, otherwise I'll have to disqualify you.

But Twitter blows...

It's safe to assume I'll get some "I hate Twitter, so this sucks" messages. Don't fret! It's just as easy as Destructoid's sign up proccess, and at the end of the contest, you can throw away your Twitter account if you want to! I am a former Twitter hatter, but have grown to like it, if anything just because electrolemon's updates are absolutely amazing.

My hopes are that with this contest I'll get in touch with more community members, and possibly find the hidden location of the second Wiisucks horcrux: MrSadistic.


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