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Chris Carter avatar 12:04 AM on 04.25.2009  (server time)
(shortblog) Contest over, Judge Funktastic, get FUNKY!

Well, the contest is at a close, and a few hours are still left for us to make our final comments.

The 100% comment competition between C-Prince Garison and I starts with:

and ends with:

If anyone missed it, I challenged Garison to a comment-off, with Funktastic as the Judge (may the best man win!). We commented in 100% of the c-blogs today, and Funk will tally up who had the most pertinent/funny things to say. I found it to be a rather rewarding experience. I've never actually sat down and read every single blog for the day, and now I realize, I probably should do it more often.

From Mitchb611's touching first post, to Yukai's frustrations, to xenoaroe's first awesome post/tech review, it was a pretty fun day (SilverDragon's probably saying: I do this shit everyday peon!).

Also, my username contest:
Well, Ballistic was half right!

My name comes from
Magna Centipede from Mega Man X2
Shenlong from Gundam Wing (I'm oddly enough not a huge fan of the mech itself, but I loved it in Endless Duel for the SNES).

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