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So, I'll just leave this here - Mister Destructoid vs. Just Dance 3 at PAX Prime 2011. It honestly doesn't really need any additional commentary, it pretty much speaks for itself. The sound is kind of flaky for most of it, blame the terribad phone mic! :(

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Although you may not have been following my grind on the new EverQuest TLP server, over the past few days I have been pulling ever closer to the Classic level cap of 50. For those of you that have played EQ, or any old school MMO in general, the final few levels are always the absolute worst. Today marks the end of that ridiculous grind (well, at least until the next expansion), Going forward I will be focusing on raid content and preparing to complete the first Shadow Knight Epic on the server. If you are interested in following my exploits, I will continue to stream raids and post updates on Pretty Epic Adventures. If you are an EQ fanboy/girl, feel free to hop on Fippy Darkpaw and say hello to Azereki!

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I am on the last leg of my ridiculously long grind to level 50 on the recently released EverQuest TLP (Time-Locked Progression) server, Fippy Darkpaw. I am going to try to push through the final 35% left in level 49, hopefully hitting 50 before I pass out! I am going to stream the mind-numbingly boring grind for as long as I can. If you are as equally masochistic as I must be, you are welcome to join the stream!

If EverQuest gets you way too excited in the pants (and who can blame you?), you can follow my exploits through the progression raid content at Pretty Epic Adventures.

Hail Dtoid Community! Many of you may have previously known me as Azereki, or perhaps even "Ass Ricky." I have been a member of Destructoid for many years now, practically since it opened! Like many others, I started out as a simple lurker. I figured it would be best to get a feel for the website and the community in general before taking the leap and signing up for an account. I mean, it was just another video game blog, right?

Now, almost four years later, I can honestly say that becoming a part of this community was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. The friends I have made and the crazy adventures we have had along the way made it all worth it. Between trying to pay Niero for dinner at E4 to Hamza threatening to bone my girlfriend at PAX, if nothing else, it has been a life changing experience!

This "reintroduction of sorts" probably sounds like some sappy goodbye post, and I'm actually getting sort of teary-eyed just writing this. Have no fear though, I am not leaving, quite the opposite actually! The Helmet has seen fit to give me a shot at the big time and I will be joining the Dtoid crew as a Previews Editor for SF and the Bay Area. I hope to bring you guys some excellent preview coverage and with any luck we can all have some fun in the process. I hope you will enjoy reading about some of the upcoming games as much as I will enjoy bringing them to you! :D

If you were already thinking "TL;DR" after the first sentence, Hamza sums it up quite nicely in this snippet taken from my inbox:

Now that we have had some time to digest all of the news from E3, how do you feel about this years announcements? Did you see any hardware or peripherals that you absolutely must have? Are you eagerly awaiting the release of some ground-breaking new game even thought it may be an entire year away? Chances are that most people saw at least one title that really piqued their interest, but it's also likely that you didn't see anything that really blew you away. It's no secret that the game industry has increasingly been using sequels, spin-offs, and otherwise derivative works for sometime now in an attempt to minimize risk and maximize profits. It's not to say that any of these games are generally bad or boring to play, but they aren't overwhelmingly innovative or exciting either.

Although technology has improved in leaps and bounds from the previous eras and console generations, some argue that gameplay has largely stayed the same. Some even claim that we are technically still in a "PS2-HD" generation. Of course, any time groundbreaking innovations are made in gameplay or storytelling, many others quickly follow suit and attempt to implement and capitalize upon the success of previous titles. More often than not, these attempts usually result in failure rather than success, producing nothing more Generic Mediocre FPS Title X. The problem is, people buy it, further reinforcing the notion that taking financial and creative risks is not a necessary step to achieving decent commercial success.

On a recent trip to San Jose for FanimeCon, I was lucky enough to stumble across a number of pristine PS1 & PS2 classics. I managed to nab a few amazing games that I never had the opportunity to purchase when I was younger. I'm sure some of you will remember classics like, Azure Dreams, Star Ocean: The Second Story, The Legend of Dragoon, and Breath of Fire 3. The sheer joy I felt upon discovering these outdated games was significantly greater than the sort of excitement I feel for probably about 95% of current and upcoming titles. Although the topic of nostalgia in gaming has been covered numerous times and nearly debated to death, there is just something about the current generation of games that can't seem to capture the feeling of previous years.

Do you feel the same way? Is there just something captured in classic games that newer titles can't hope to replicate? Is there something beyond the spiffy graphics, overhauled engines, and revamped gameplay that makes them inherently better or more exciting? Or, perhaps I am just going crazy. Let me know what you think. :p

Chris Morris
11:05 PM on 05.21.2008

As seen <here> in the DtoidSanFrancisco blog, Fanime Con 2008 is taking place this (see 5/23) Friday through Monday at the San Jose Convention Center! It seems as if a few other Dtoiders may plan on attending, including myself and our very own lovable CTZ.

Chances are that if you are from Dtoid and you plan on attending, we need to kick it! Drop a comment or leave your number/email. We definitely should try to put together a last minute Dtoid meet up if we are going to have at least a few people there representing the robot.