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9:50 AM on 04.18.2008

Rumor: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

It was one of the craziest rumors surrounding Midway's Game Event yesterday and while
nothing "official" has been confirmed, it seems as if signs are pointing to the next installment
Mortal Kombat is 'Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe'.

Yesterday, on Ed Boon's website, the countdown clock ended and a blurred picture
of what appeared to be Scorpion appeared, with some scrambled text underneath.
Unscrambled, the text appeared to say "Embargo Lifts Tomorrow".

The folks over at
have posted a picture prior to the 'embargo' being lifted on Batman facing off with Sub-Zero.
The website is being swamped with hits so its hard to get through. Thumbnails can be seen at

It seems that the official unveiling will be today's Midway event at 4 Pacific.

Thanks to for their work on this developing event.   read

11:10 AM on 04.17.2008

Mortal Kombat Answers... Today?

The timer is running out on the countdown clock on Assuming the teasers are correct that today will be the day that some details (and maybe even a hands on build??) will be unveiled about the next installment of Mortal Kombat, "next gen style".

How willing am I to believe that this game will be what Ed Boon claimed a while back: all new, new characters, new stories, etc? Ehhh...

The last game, Mortal Kombat Armageddon was that. Armageddon on the gamer. A broken game to no end. And an unglorious way for the series to go out on the last gen systems. The game tried to harken back to Trilogy with the insane number of characters to select (everyone in the MK universe, as Trilogy did with including everyone that had been in a MK game up to that point). But the game was slow and uninspiring.

An idea Midway should have taken to heart was what is happening with other stories 2D franchises, like King of Fighters. Take this series back to 2D. Let the 3D world be for who is good at it: Virtua Fighter, Tekken and Soul Caliber (though I have never been a Soul Caliber fan). The releases of UMK3 on the DS and Live and MK 2 on the PSN have gone over well. Take a hint and take Mortal Kombat back to where it really lived.

Mortal Kombat, as a series, was never the same once MK4 came about. Deception and Deadly Alliance were okay forays into the 3D, but nothing compared to the glory of Ultimate. Or, maybe, that's just the nostalgia in my head?

I know going back 2D probably wont happen, but a brotha can always have the audacity of hope.

More to come once Midway's events are over.   read

9:55 PM on 04.07.2008

Kung Fu Flix for Noobs II

More gems you may not have heard of...

The Blood Brothers

Brotherhood, honor, betrayal. One of the best Shaw Brothers movies ever.


Legend of a Fighter

In the same vein as Fists of Fury and Fist of Legend... hard to come by in the US but worth the hunt.


Chinese Super Ninjas

Who knew there were so many ways to die? Leave it Chang Cheh to find them all...


3 Evil Masters

Train hard... get revenge.


Boxer from Shang Tung

Rags to Ruthless


More to come...   read

5:22 PM on 03.04.2008

Samurai Showdown Comes Home

On the heels of Mr Wilsons great post on the upcoming SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1, I want to talk about another great another great SNK disc coming soon: Samurai Showdown Anthology.

At the GDC, the SNK rep showed some of what was coming stateside. Video can be found at GameSpot:

- King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match
- King of Fighters Orochi Saga (includes 94 and regular 98 in addition to 95, 96 and 97)
- Fatal Fury Battle Archives V 2 (The Real Bout games)
- World Heroes Anthology (all the WH games)
- Metal Slug 7 (for the DS)
- SNK Arcade Classics Vol 1
- Samurai Showdown Anthology (1-6, including 5 Special)

They also showed the same footage of KoF 12 and the new 3D Sam Sho.

Sam Sho 2 is among the best 2d fighters ever released and I spent many a day dropping quarters at Break Point in the VCU Commons as a sophomore playing the game. I am super juiced to hear this was coming to both the PS2 and Wii.

SNK has really been coming through with releasing the classics in the US. Now can I get some Garou: Mark of the Wolves?   read

11:14 AM on 02.29.2008

What Smackdown v Raw 2009 needs

What the WWE Smackdown series has lacked is a consistently good Legends roster. Sure, from year to year, you finally get play like as someone like Rick Rude. You could always toil with the CAW and try to do it yourself. But I would like to see the WWE expand their Legends roster equal in number as the current wrestlers. The WWE Hall of Fame is something that the company trumpets each year as Wrestlemania approaches and, until recently, the WWE had a line of Legends action figures. Why not pull from both these pools?

You could have legit versions of Jimmy Valiant, Demolition, Bruiser Brody, The Big Bossman, IRS, The Wild Samoans, Big John Studd, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Bam Bam Bigelow, Harley Race, Kerry von Erich and the list goes on and on. The WWE certainly has gone through the years and bought out the competition. Why not use what you have purchased and put it 2009?

While, they are at it, why not expand the match types? Barbwire matches? Chain Matches? Scaffold Matches?

Its time to give us a truly next gen wrestling experience.   read

11:00 AM on 02.29.2008

Kimbo Slice versus Katie Couric

Insane news from this article on Reuters that ProElite MMA fighting (see the Kimbo Slice post below) is coming to CBS with three to four live events on Saturday nights starting in May. Better, these will be primtime slots, not the old Saturday Day Night's Main Event slot NBC used to use back in the day for the WWF. In my post yesterday, I talked about Slice stepping up into the 'big time' and while ProElite is still not the UFC, getting your name and brand out on a major non-cable network is a huge step in the right direction.   read

3:44 PM on 02.28.2008

The Wire as MMO

Yes, friends, The Wire could be the greatest MMO of all time. The Rakim of all TV shows could be the illest game of all time but its not likely to happen. Think about what ills of society it would spread and make cool to all the kiddies of the US (I mean the world). You could take up being a stickup kid and knocking off drug lords ala Omar. Be a fiend like Bubbles. Shit, anyone want to be WeeBey or Chris? Bodie? Brother Mouzone? Cheese? Start a clan and take over territory and strive to be like Avon, Marlo or Prop Joe? How about a cop in one of the districts? Want to work The Ports? It could be the deepest nihilistic endeavour ever. It would be what all these kids who arent from the other side of tracks want. Who wants to really sell drugs? Just do it in a virtual environment! Think The Sims meets WOW meets GTA.

If something like The Wire were dumbed down into a great game, it would lose its importance, no social commentary. It would become just popcorn.

Im glad it wont turn out to be that. But maybe this is what something like GTA should try to become.   read

3:19 PM on 02.28.2008

Sick Suplex x1,000,000

This is one of those things I cant imagine how the man got up from this, let alone still won the fight a few moments later. But, after all, we are talking about Fedor!

[embed]72781:8571[/embed]   read

2:55 PM on 02.28.2008

Kimbo Slice to be on My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad (aka the hype machine rolls on)

The Real World Version of WCW's Goldberg. Who's next?

Unfortunately, he isnt gonna be on the show. Though I'd buy that for a dollar (obligatory RoboCop reference so you can get a flavor of what the set from the show would look like -- broken fathers and broken kids). I'm glad Kimbo is on slightly less than pay per view (aka Showtime) because I dont want to pay 50 bucks to watch him rub out an old head like Ray Mercer or Tank Abbott. I first heard of the man at Thanksgiving when my cousin just keeps pulling up clip after clip saying he is the best fighter in the world.

Best fighter... not quite. About a dozen other cats to rumble with before he could claim that crown, as well as needing to jump to the bigtime of MMA. And ready for Fedor he aint!

Granted Slice is being protected in his latest fights (as much as a pro fighter can be) by fighting people who are past their prime or just not real threats so he can be more of a beast in the eyes of public but there will be the day when he fights a legit threat and hopefully headed for a decent payday. The man is 33 so his time table to get the top is a bit limited in the MMA world.

Hopefully, at that point, he will go past the Showtime fights and hop over to the UFC so we can see him knuck with legit knuckers. He damn sure looks the part and got the understudy role but now he's gonna have to break the next fighter's face and the next and the next.

Some of the best of his underground ish here:

[embed]72778:8570[/embed]   read

1:56 PM on 02.28.2008

Kung Fu Flix for Noobs (Part 1)

This is like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly except it is more like The Good, The Bad and The Really Fuckin Bad. The good shit should be held high. Here is a quicklist of some of the better classic HK flicks out there that you should check out and ones you may know if you got the usual suspects down...

The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter

You really want to fuck with The 5th Brother??


Mystery of Chess Boxing

Cheese factor high and the comedy sucks but Ghost Face Killer is one of the best shit talking badguys ever (and for you KoF XI and Garou heads, he kills one guy like Gato's super). Trailer makes it way more serious than it actually is.


Invincible Armour

Another awesome indy. Soundtrack is as great as the kicking of Wang Jang Lee. A spaghetti western with Iron Finger and Iron Armour techniques instead of rifles and chewing tobacco.


Avenging Eagle

Who doesnt like Alexander Fu Sheng? The master is ill in this and the idea that he has a bunch of orphans he is making into live action Dyntasy Warriors crews is a KRS One moment.


The Secret Rivals

Took a while to find a R0 or R1 version of this beast but damn Hwang Jang Lee is the a kicker like none other.


The Seven Grandmasters

A Joseph Kuo indy classic this one is on par with any great Shaw Brothers flick. The DVD release the other year was of exceptional quality.


More classic upcoming... Peace!   read

1:16 PM on 02.28.2008

What has the next gen done for me?

I still haven't bought into the next gen. Can't decide but I think it is just that I am not inspired by what is out there:

- BC gone except in older models
- price point high
- PSN network (some good stuff Castlevania and MK2 but not enough of anything)
- Online gaming free
- Games seem ehhh so far

- Just seems to break every time someone in the world dies
- Live costs
- Price point is ehhh
- Games are kinda whatever
- Live games seem good (UMK3, Quake 3 etc)

- Price is good
- Games are non existent except for Mario Kart and Smash Brothers
- VC stuff seems dope and will probably get better (hoping for Super Tecmo Bowl and Pro Wrestling)

I think my main concern is that money isnt plentiful and any one of these I would consider a major purchase given Im buying it myself and Im taking care of my family. Im okay with my PS2 and dropping 15 on an these SNK releases so someone somewhere gets the picture that Mark of the Wolves needs a proper US release (someone has heard the prayers related to Sam Sho). I mean, after what they have coming to the US this year, there isnt too much left in the pantheon. My DS does me fine too and I get my fighting online fix from UMK3 and Bleach. Maybe the best thing to do is just wait these fuckers out and watch for prices to drop, hope more games that I would check for come out and see if the Wii will actually get Street Fighter 4.   read

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