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I'm the former Community Playdate Manager for Destructoid. Looking to play some games with other Dtoiders? Check out the forums and watch the blogs and front page for all of the fun!

I'm definitely more "collector" than gamer these days. Sure I still play my Wii U/ Xbox One/PS4/Vita and 3DS, and I love them all, but I just don't have the free time to play them like I used to.

I started my gaming life on an old Atari 2600 that my dad bought us for Christmas. I used to frequent the local arcade (early 80's) and I have a passion for anything pinball.

You may not know this but I used to help run the Xbox 360 FNF side of business on Dtoid. You can always host or find games to play here: Friday Night Fights Forum Thread

As of this update (1/27/2015) I currently have:

45 Consoles
56 Handhelds
2019 physical copies of various games
298 digital copies of games
Tons of other video game related items

I'm also a huge comic book nerd, here are some of my all-time favorites, in no particular order:

Cerberus the Aardvark

Groo the Wanderer

Howard the Duck

Usagi Yojimbo


I also love music, all types really. If I had to pick a favorite album of all time I would have to go with:

The Cure: Disintegration. This album is perfect, from beginning to end.

My daughter is also a gamer of sorts, here she is lavishing in all of her Nintendo plushies:

Oh yea, did I mention that I love Pinball more than any other game ever? Because I totally do.

I also like to doodle when I'm bored, as seen below

I drew that when I was bored.

Sometimes, when I'm not gaming or collecting I'll post blogs, here are a couple recent ones:

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What's it like to be me? Imagine a thousand people throwing a party inside of your head, and you're stuck outside without a ticket.
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Hey there. Feels like ages since I've posted anything in the c-blogs. Ever since I left the FNF stuff behind I feel like I've kinda disconnected from Destructoid and the community in general. 


Anywho, I'm here today to talk about the nine (ten) Dtoider's who mean the most to me. This list of amazing people is in no particular order and I am definitely leaving quite a few people out (which sucks).

Hotel Company - Andy "look at my boner" Dixon, Jon "motherfucking" Bloodspray, FalseNipple & Jeniken

A few years back (circa 2011) I was pretty big into Battlefield 3. Back then I had a regular crew that I rolled with almost nightly. Any Dixon, Jon Bloodspray, Falsenipple and Jeniken were my relief from the every day nonsense we all deal with in this waking world (stolen from Occams). Like clockwork we would all end up online together (Xbox 360) to play hours and hours of Battlefield 3, often into the wee hours of the morning. 

These four people mean the world to me. When you spend over 700+ hours together online you form a pretty strong bond, a "Band of Brothers", if you will.

SuperMonk4Ever and GarethxxGod

GarethxxGod was the very first Dtoider that I ever played a game online with. I couldn't tell you what game it was, I want to say it was some Xbox Live arcade game, it's not really important in the grand scheme of things. What's important is that because of that one game, I made a couple of very good friends.

I found myself playing online with Gareth quite a bit and eventually I was introduced to Super "huehuehuehue"Monk4Ever (goddammit, Monk).

Outside of my Battelfield 3 group, these two were my constant online pals. We played everything together. If it had multiplayer or co-op, we were playing it with each other, typically until the sun started coming up. 

I don't really play online with Gareth any more, we still chat online every now and then though through Facebook. Monk on the other hand, just won't leave me the fuck alone. =)


I'm what you might call a compulsive collector of video games and video game memorabilia. My exploits have been catalogued here in the C-blogs for years.

It all started off innocently enough. I would buy something at a garage sale or flea market, you know, a thing here and a thing there. That all changed when I was introduced to the amazing, Funktastic or as I like to call him "Why do you have all that cool stuff and can I have it all please?!"

As my collection grew I found myself getting closer and closer with Funk. We were DM'ing each other with the new stuff we'd found. Eventually we were texting and making trades. We became more than just collecting buddies, we were definitely friends. 

We've both slowed down over the years. Funk had an unfortunate incident happen that took him out of the game for a bit, I just kinda grew tired of it all. We still chat and talk though. Our friendship is definitely more than just collecting. Oh and Funk, if you're reading this, my daughter says "hi" and wanted you to know that she still has the Princess Peach plush you sent her.  =)

Occams Electric Toothbrush & SteezyXL

Sometimes you meet people and you have an instant connection to them. For whatever reason you find yourself chatting and getting closer to certain people. Occams and Steezy are definitely two of those people. 

What is there to say about Occams that hasn't been said already? He's our very own resplendent black grandmother who has an unhealthy obsession with Lisa Frank, religious artifacts and the generally weird. But that's what make Occams so amazing. He's unlike anyone you'll probably ever meet. He is a kind soul, someone who would go out of his way for a friend without thinking twice. If you ever have the chance to talk with Occams, do it. He's simply a fascinating person, and I'm proud to call him my friend.

Steezy is the polar opposite of Occams. Steezy is more subdued and quiet. I started interacting with Steezy on the FP of Destructoid. Eventually I found myself playing games online with him. Although we don't really game much together any more I still talk with Steezy via social media. I've had the pleasure and honor of watching him grow as a person. One day I'll make it out West to meet and hang out with Steezy. I owe him a hug or two or three (I've lost count over the years). 


Last but certainly not least we have Scield. Over the past couple years, Scield has definitely gone from someone I know online to someone I most definitely call a friend. I've had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Scield and I find myself texting him or talking with him via social media numerous times a week.

Scield is an awesome fella, day in and day out he is out there putting his life on the line to keep all of us safe. Now if there was some magical way that I could get him to move out of Florida and up to Chicago so we could hang out all the time......

So there you have it. Ten people who mean the absolute world to me. If I ever give up gaming for good, I'd like to think that everyone listed here would still be in my life in some way, and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

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That’s right, after almost two years of bringing all of you the latest and greatest Team Fortress 2sday and Friday Night Fights posts, I’m calling it quits.

This has nothing to do with Destructoid, this is completely for personal reasons. I’ve actually been talking about doing this for a while, it’s hard to break away though, especially when you are surrounded by so many amazing individuals (I’m talking about you, TF2 and FNF crowd. Oh, and Andy).

My wife and I are expecting another child, this in and of itself isn’t the sole reason for me stepping down, the new baby plus the fact that my wife has to return back to Europe after the baby is born is really the main reason. I’ll be taking care of our new kid as well as our ten-year old daughter while my wife is gone, all while still working full time (thankfully I work from home).

I want to personally say thank you to Andy Dixon for giving me this opportunity and for all of the help and support you’ve given during my time with Destructoid. I honestly could not have done this without you.

I’ll still be around, I’m not leaving the site for good, I’ll just be a normal community member, commenting on all the various stories posted, partaking in the fun that is the forums and maybe even blogging a bit here and there, although that may be easier said than done, especially over the next few months with the new baby.

You may still hear me on Radio Destructoid every now and then, I believe I still have an open invite to be a regular, so that’s pretty rad.

Anywho, thanks everyone for being awesome, for putting up with my stupid 80’s lyrics in my posts and for not yelling at me too much when I completely botched one of the posts up.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some amiibo to go buy and hoard away...


Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Halloween is, without a doubt, my favorite time of the year. Since I can remember, I’ve always been a huge fan of horror movies, and things that were meant to scare you. Maybe it’s because I spent most of my childhood up North. I could always tell when Halloween was getting close. The leaves on the trees were changing colors and the wind blew a little cooler.

Now, my contribution isn’t going to be about any specific video game that scared me; no, I’ve decided to go another route. I’m going to talk about the one movie that caused so much mental damage to me that I didn’t sleep in my own bed for months, and to this day, still causes me to feel uneasy after watching it.

A little back story: When I was a little kid, we’re talking between five and nine, my dad used to bowl in a league in our small town. This league was always going on during the fall season, which meant when he got home (Friday nights) I would wake up and watch a late night horror movie with him. Now, these movies, they were nothing to really be afraid of. Not to date myself or anything, but we’re talking about the late 70s / early 80s. The late night horror movies usually consisted of some universal monster such as Frankenstein or Dracula, or some cheesy sci-fi flick from the 50s. These were always in black and white, and there was never any sort of gore. These were “G” rated, if you will, not even enough to scare a little tyke like me; they did, however, draw me into their dark worlds, hooking me on the macabre stories.

Tommy Jarvis was close to me in age, maybe that's why this movie resonated so strongly with me.

Fast forward to 1984. I vividly remember sitting on our couch in the living room; it was a small room, enough for a couch, a La-Z-Boy chair, and a couple of TV dinner tables. It was definitely cramped, which didn’t help late at night when the lights were off. Anyway, there I was, sitting on the couch watching TV. It had to be the weekend, because there is no way I would have been allowed to stay up as late as it was by myself, especially at that age. The TV was on some random channel (this was before we had cable) and I couldn’t tell you what I was watching, and then it happened, the movie trailer that made me scared to walk down the tiny hallway leading to my room.

“Jason is back! (ch-ch-ch-ha-ha-ha). Three times before, you have felt the terror” – holy, mother of god, what in the hell is this? “Known the madness, lived the horror.” This is about where I started sinking lower into the couch, my heart beating faster. “But this is the one you’ve been screaming for.” No, no I haven’t been screaming for anything, not yet anyway. Oh god. “Because Friday, April 13th, will be Jason’s unlucky day.”

Everything about that movie trailer (Friday the 13th, the Final Chapter) just screamed “No” to me. My heart was pounding, and every little sound I heard in the house had me on edge. I was literally scared for my life, but I also remember feeling excited. I wanted to see what that movie was all about. Who was Jason? Why was he wearing a hockey mask? This was the first time I had ever heard of “Jason” or “Friday the 13th.” Up until this point, my horror movie knowledge was basically giant, mutated spiders from the 50s and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. This was horror, and horror I knew, or so I thought.

Yea. No thanks. I'm only 10 and clearly not ready for this.

Fast forward a few weeks. My fear of “Friday the 13th” at this point had passed. I had seen the trailer numerous times since the first time I watched it and I was basically “over it.” I had returned to sleeping in my own room (yes, the trailer literally scared me into sleeping in my parents room for a bit) and I had all but forgotten it; that was until my aunt came into the picture.

I was at my grandma’s house for the weekend, which was pretty typical when I was young. I spent, what feels like now, every weekend at my grandparents’ house. I was very close to my cousins and they were always there with me. This weekend, though, was different, as I was all alone. I don’t remember the specifics, but I’m not sure where my cousins were. All I remember is that I was bored to tears, and listening to my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles talk wasn’t going to cut it. That’s about when my Aunt Joanie asked, “Do you want to go see a movie?” “Yes!” I remember yelling. Movies were one of my favorite things ever as a kid, and any chance I had to go to the theaters I took!

The theater we were going to was located in the Livonia mall, a mall, which no longer stands. I had no idea what we were going to see; hell, I didn’t care, as long as I could get out of that house for a little bit. I was fine with whatever or so I thought. I remember walking through the mall to the theater entrance. I remember smelling the popcorn filling the air around me. I remember my aunt saying, “One adult and one child for Friday the 13th please.” Whoa, wait a minute, “Friday the 13th, as in the ‘Jason’ movie, Friday the 13th?” Now I, as a wee ten-year old, had no goddamn reason to be in that theater. My aunt obviously wanted to see the movie and I was the perfect movie date, whether I wanted to be there or not.

Jason, what a pain in the neck. Amirite?

The minute the movie opened I was scared out of my mind. I didn’t want to be there at all, and all I wanted to do was leave. I couldn’t though. I was ten. Where was I going to go? I was stuck, and Jason was on a rampage, hell-bent on killing teenagers as well as my childhood. When the movie was over, I was a fucking wreck. I clearly remember crying several times, while peeking through my fingers at the screen. Fuck this movie and fuck my aunt for thinking I was old enough for it.

Thankfully, being a child, my attention span was fairly short. Not long after leaving the theater I had forgotten about what I had just watched. My cousins were finally at my grandparents’ house and we were outside playing. All was right in the world or so I thought. Later that night, when I was finally home and getting ready for bed, I remember a feeling of dread coming over me. When the lights finally went out, I was back in the theater with Jason, his machete and hockey mask, glowing in the moonlight. The bushes outside of my window were clearly his fingernails, trying to remove the screen so that he could get to me. Car lights hitting my wall did nothing to help the situation, as I could hear something under my bed, trying to escape.

That was it, I was done. Nope, not gonna happen, I am not sleeping in my room tonight, fuck this. I walked out into the living room, “Can I sleep in your room tonight?” I asked my parents, “Yes.” Phew, crisis averted. I spent the next three months sleeping on my parents’ floor. Three. Goddamn. Months. All because of a movie, all because my aunt thought it would be a brilliant idea to take a child to one of the most horrific movies of the year.

I was so goddamn scared in the theaters, that I had my eyes covered for the last 30 minutes.

Years later, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (FT13 PT IV) still gives me chills. It’s not a “scary” movie, mind you, I mean, to some it may be sure, but if you’ve grown up on horror movies, FT13 PT IV is pretty tame. I think my time as a child, the memories I have surrounding that movie is what gives me that creeping feeling whenever I re-watch that movie. The Friday the 13th movies are some of my favorite horror films ever, and I can safely say that I owe my love for all things horror to my aunt, who at the time had no idea how much damage she was causing, or how much influence one low budget horror movie would have on her nephew.

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Happy Monday! (it's Monday, right?)

It's that time of year again, "PAX avatar adoption" time! As usual, I will not be attending PAX this year. I believe this makes.....every year now that I've missed PAX. Yea, that sounds about right, I have never been to PAX. Ever.

I have been fortunate enough though to attend the past five PAX events "virtually" thanks to the awesome people of Destructoid, and I am hoping this year continues that wonderful tradition of me sucking and not being able to go to PAX myself.

I am here today, to give you five solid reasons why you, yes you, the reader should take my avatar to PAX with you.

Number 1 - I'm pet friendly.

True story - I love all animals, and if you take my avatar to PAX with you, you may just see how much animals love me. Fun fact: if you show my avatar to a small puppy at or around the PAX event, you will make a friend for life.

Number 2 - I'll help your dear, beloved grandmother across the street.

I love helping people, and if you give me the chance, I will help you. Have a grandmother or grandfather who needs help crossing the street? I'll help. Need your grass cut? Yea, I'll probably do that too, because I'm a swell guy who likes to help.

Number 3 - I can grow a pretty wicked beard.

I know my current avatar may not show it, but I can grow a pretty wicked beard. Did you know, that by taking my avatar to PAX with you, you can also grow a pretty wicked beard. Careful not to spill any Kool-Aid on your beard though, especially the strawberry kind, it stains.

Number 4 - I'll help tutor you and your friends in school.

Let's face it, school can be tough. From time to time we all need a little help. If you take my avatar to PAX with you, I will help you with math, science, social studies, psychology, biochemical name it! My avatar is a genius when it comes to this school stuff, and you'll be a smarter person just by having it with you!

Number 5 - I will protect you with my life.

"Cons" and big events like PAX can be pretty scary, especially if this is your first time. Take it from me. The first time my avatar was taken to PAX, it was scared silly. The noises, the people, the lines, the $10.00 hamburgers and $8.00 waters! It was madness! If you take my avatar to PAX with you, I promise to ensure your safety. And isn't the piece of mind of knowing that you'll be safe all weekend worth it? I know it would be to me.

I hope this blogged has helped to guide you to a final decision on whether or not to take my avatar to PAX with you. From helping when in need, to growing facial hair, my avatar can do it all.

Thank you.
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Happy Sunday!

I figure it's been long enough since my last real blog post. Not exactly sure where this is going to go yet, just going to kinda start writing and see where we end up...

So, how 'bout that Destructoid huh? Site sure has seen some changes over the past few months, some sad moments indeed, I hate seeing people I admire leaving or being asked to leave, unfortunately that's the way business works, only so much to go around at any given time. 

I see a lot of people blogging about how the site has changed over the years, how the community doesn't seem as strong as it once was. I guess I can kinda see that, maybe my perception is a bit skewed though, as I still talk to a lot of the former staff members daily, to me it doesn't seem like they're gone. Has some of the soul left the site? Eh, I don't know, I guess that's a matter of opinion. Chris is doing a bang up job as the reviews editor and everyone else is really pulling their own to pump out as much info as possible.

Personally, I'd love to be a bit more involved, now, don't get me wrong, I love posting the TF2sdays and Friday Night Fight posts, but with my work schedule I literally had time for nothing else. I'm hoping that will change soon though, as of Friday, this past week, I am officially unemployed, by choice mind you. This should leave me plenty of time to be a bit more involved with the community, which was my goal from the get go. I would love nothing more than to see the community return to the glory that it was once was. 

Shit like this right here is why I stick around and do everything I can for the site/community.

Hmm, let's see, what else is there.....

Oh, so I'll be moving back to the great city of Chicago in a couple of months, that's pretty exciting. I think I've spent as much time as I care to spend here in Florida, it's been almost 30 years now and it's time for a new chapter in my life. I'll miss certain parts of Florida, my lifelong friends, things like that, but I feel like i've outgrown and outlived my time here.

My plan, once I get to Chicago and all settled in, is to start blogging more, start writing for the front page more and just generally be more involved. I would love to start collecting again and posting haul blogs, I miss those days. I miss the people who were really involved in the collecting scene here on Dtoid, damn there were some amazing hauls shown off, definitely motivated me to really focus on my collection. 

I guess that's it then, not sure what I was expecting to get out by writing this, just felt like I needed to say hi. 

Oh, I want to take a minute to thank everyone here in the community, all of the Sony, Xbox, Nintendo FNF crowd, Nihil and his weekly Hump Day Havok posts, Shadow and the entire TF2 gang, Smurfee for always being late with his Nintendo hostings, everyone who still blogs here in the community section, all of you are the reason why I stick around.

Til the next time!

2013 was a pretty great year to be a gamer. The indie scene absolutely exploded, we had two brand new consoles launch, and there were more solid, quality titles to play than I had time for.

I did however have time to play some of them, and I've listed my Top Ten of 2013 below. These are not in order of my favorite to least, I just like to have everything in alphabetical order. The collector in my would have it no other way.

Now, on to the show!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I am admittedly not the biggest Animal Crossing player. I'd only ever played it less than a handful of times on the Gamecube and Wii, so as you can imagine I didn't have super high hopes of spending much time with New Leaf when it launched.

Boy, was I wrong. What happened next was a three week binge on nothing but Animal Crossing. I had to catch every bug, catch every fish, find all the fossils and make friends with everyone. I had to be the best mayor Animal Crossing had ever seen! 

I haven't sunk as many hours into any game this year as I have for Animal Crossing, and this is why it made my list. Well, that and it's just fun as hell to play.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

I'm not sure what I can say about Fire Emblem that others haven't said before. In a nutshell, it's amazing. I felt like I had been missing something in my gaming life, I needed a game to challenge me, a game to make me want to care about it's characters in a meaningful way, a game that made me regret decisions made and really think about consequences of actions. Fire Emblem: Awakening did that, and then some.

Without a doubt the most addicting game I played all year. I stopped playing everything until I was finished with Awakenings story, I had to see it through, no matter how many tears were shed or how many loved ones lost. Simply, superb. 

Lego City: Undercover

When I initially heard about Lego City: Undercover I was skeptical. People were saying it was basically, Grand Theft Auto but with Legos. You see, I've never been a fan of "open world games". I get distracted, lost, bored. I need linearity with my games. When I finally saw the trailer however, my mind was made. I had to have this game and I had to have it now!

Everything about Lego City: Undercover is just fantastic. The story is fairly cliche', you're a do good cop going after a bad guy. Basic stuff, it's everything in between though that makes Undercover such a special game. The writing is witty and fun, the missions are a blast and the unlockable characters and vehicles are just icing on the cake. There really is no other Lego game that does it better, well, other than....

Lego Marvel Superheroes

The only thing better than one amazing Lego game is two, and with Lego Marvel Superheroes, you have arguably the best Lego game to date, and a game that will be very tough to beat. Lego Marvel Superheroes is everything I've ever wanted out of a "superhero" game. Smart and funny writing, solid gameplay and more characters to unlock then you can shake a stick at. No really, you literally can not shake a stick at how many playable characters there are, I've tried, and I failed.

Everything about Heroes is top notch, the game looks beautiful, the character models are spot on with their comic book counterparts, the action is always goofy and full of laughs. Oh and did I mention replayability and hidden secrets galore? Because yea, there's also that.

Little Inferno
Probably my biggest surprise of the year. Little Inferno was purchased as just "something to play", I never intended on falling in love with it. After my first initial play through though, it had me, and I was not expecting this tiny little fireplace simulator to tug at my heart the way it did.

Little Inferno seems simple and silly at first glance, that's just the icing on the cake, the real story is in the middle, in between all those combos and ashes, right where the cake is always the warmest. There's a deep story here, a sad story, and adult story, a story that didn't' leave me feeling particularly happy. It did however touch me, it made me feel and care about its little world, its little people and my little neighbor, even though we had never met.

SteamWorld Dig

Little Inferno wasn't the only game to sneak up on me and take me totally by surprise, just as Inferno did before it, SteamWorld Dig took me by the hands and wouldn't let me go. I had no initial thoughts or expectations going in, I simply bought it because it looked fun, like something I would enjoy. What I ended up with however was one of my favorite games of the year.

How deep does the mine go? What could possibly be down there? What was my uncle searching for? I had to know, I had to keep digging. I kept finding old relics on my journey, I was being upgraded, but for what? Why is all of this fantastic stuff down here? Must keep digging, must go deeper, must keep playing.

Super Mario 3D World

Look, I make no excuses when it comes to being a Nintendo fanboy. I love Nintendo, I love the house that Mario built. Nintendo games have this certain, charm about them. You know going in, that you're going to have a smile on your face. You know that you're going to play a game that has been polished, and then polished one last time, just in case. 

Super Mario 3D World is the definition of a polished game. From the varying worlds, characters, level design and gameplay, everything about 3D World is platforming perfection. I could literally go on and on as to why 3D World is the best game of the year, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that. Wait, you did know that, right?

The Wonderful 101

Take a dash of insanity, sprinkle in some craziness, add a pinch of humor and voila, you now have The Wonderful 101. It's no secret that Nintendo is in dire need of help from 3rd party companies, Nintendo's own internal studios can only put out so much, enter Platinum Games. There are a lot of mixed feelings regarding The Wonderful 101, some people say it doesn't play well, the controls don't work, it's too hard or it doesn't make sense. I can understand these complaints, it's definitely not a perfect game, it is however an amazing journey through a bat-shit insane filled world with boss fights unlike anything you've seen before.

Once the controls click though, when you hit that moment when you finally "get it", everything changes. I'm not going to lie, the game is challenging, the camera can be a bit wonky at times, and you will possibly swear a whole lot, if you stick with it though, you will end up playing one of the most unique and simply fun games of all of 2013.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Two Zelda games made my list this year, the first was the phenomenal Link Between Worlds. I remember playing A Link to the Past when it first released, It was simply put, amazing. You can imagine then, my excitement when we first found out that we would be diving back into that world and that story.

A Link Between Worlds brings with it some very big changes to the Zelda formula. You can now rent items, go to any dungeon at any time, no longer are you constrained to follow a predetermined path, you can now make your own path. I have to wonder if this new "openness" found in ALBW will be present in the new Zelda game for the Wii U, it seems that the camp is decidedly split at this point. I for one welcome it, as I have not had nearly as much fun roaming the lands of Hyrule as I did in ALBW.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

I had only ever played Wind Waker once before, it was on my Wii, a friend had loaned it to me. You see, when the GameCube was out I wasn't gaming, I had taken a break and was doing other things at the time, so when I found out that there would be an HD release of Wind Waker, I knew that it was finally time to jump back in and finish what I had barely started.

I remembered the game looking pretty fantastic when I had initially played it, I was not prepared however with just how different and amazing the game would look in HD. The entire world felt alive, the cel shading is absolutely gorgeous, it makes me wonder why more games aren't made in this fashion. Oh, and the gameplay and story? Yea, top notch, I can now see and understand why Wind Waker is such an admired and adored game.

Honorable Mentions: Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon and Tearaway.

So that's it I guess. 2013 was filled with an awful lot of Nintendo games for me. I swear that I do own other consoles, no really, I do!  Dragons Crown was a lot of fun, Tearaway is amazing, Y's Memories of Celceta is pretty great in it's own right and I even sort of enjoyed Bioshock Infinite, just clearly not as much as everyone else seems to...

Anyway, I can't wait to see what 2014 brings, the Wii U seems to finally be hitting it's stride, the Xbox One and PS4 have some simply amazing looking games coming and the 3DS is going to continue to be my go to system, hell even the Vita gave me reason to finally take the plunge.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year! See you in 2014!
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