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5:21 PM on 07.18.2008

Gaming and Relationships. Do they work together?

First of all, I'm sorry.

I came here with a high degree of enthusiasm, blinded by the shinning ads and insightful comments on gaming... but I don't know what happened... I think I lost the way (Plus, Exam Season IT'S NOT OVER YET) Huh, an MGS reference on my C-blog? It can't be!

So, you'll have to excuse me for my long absence from the site. Duty comes first, then it's time to chill out.

Let's get this show on the road. Today's topic: Gaming and Relationships, Do they work together?

To talk about this issue, I'll like to prove my case with a little story coming from my own life.
Let's rewind the tape to 2005. I was just in my second year of college, getting ready for the big jump in life: On the field testing for the career I was studing back then (English Teaching). So, my personal life was focused on the tests and academical stuff... That meant, not much of gaming time and zero romantic involvement with anybody.

That, until one day.

The sweetest plus hot girl on my college was there on the cafeteria. Lucky me, an old friend from school knew her and introduced me... It' was love on first sight.

So far things where going well. We shared the usual stuff (movies, long walks around the city and such). But when it came to our personal tastes and hobbies, we were always clashing. Though we shared pretty much the same things there where to many differences also. One of those, was related to gaming. For her, playing around with a videogame console or a PC was just a waste of time.

For me, it's the other way around. I even tried to show her the sweetness of online puzzle games but no... no response on that.


Fast forward to 2008. I started studying a new career (Technical Administration on Tourism and Related Activities). That meant, new classmates. Luckly, there was a lot of gamers on the crowd, some of them hidden between the layers of books and some others, well... totally proud of their "gamingness" XD

Then again, love struck a chord. She was not a supermodel, but in the real world, who is it anyway?! And there she was... a DS on her hands. Instant love.

He began dating for a while but then differences put us apart (The all time debate of PS2/PS3 VS XBOX/XBOX360 thing)

So I learnt a lesson. All of us gamers want to date a gamer chick. Trust me, it does not work.   read

10:12 PM on 07.08.2008

So I heard you liek Dtoid?

Hi there humans who roam the net!

A new dtoider has arrive and for that, a little introductory post wont hurt nobody right?. So, let's get started

My name is Juan Pablo, I'm 23 years old and I come from Chile (or as my partner in geekiness, Danzflor put on his Dtoid blog, "the ass of the world" xD). As you might have noticed, I'm pretty much a MGS fanboy (not there's anything bad with it, don't you think?) though I play other games also, like Gran Turismo, GTA or the not-so-often online gaming session on FPS games like CounterStrike).

I don't think none of you would like to know my marital status (which is pretty easy to find out anyway .___. ) but, in any case that doesn't bother me so much. I used to be on a relationship with a non-gaming person.. (I' might discuss that issue on my next blog entry BTW) and we decided to take separate ways. As simple as that.

Other things that I like to do besides gaming? Well, I'm your average John Q. Public: I'm into anime, manga, movies, photography and cooking... Wait, did I just said "cooking"? Well, yeah! I'm a male who loves cooking (There's nothing ghei about it when you think of it... besides, that actually helps you a lot to score some points with the random Jane Doe that might appear on your life sooner or later)

I'm also a student... currently, I'm a undergraduated freshmen of Technical Admistration of Tourism and I'm applying for a scholarship in the U.k. Don't ask me way I choose the U.k over other parts of the world,. I just want to go there. Besides, everbody wants to go to Japan and I'll do that someday. Neat, huh?.

And that pretty much does it for my first post here on Dtoid. Hope we can all get along well, and of course, my next entry will be far more interesting than this one! *0*

PD: I'll leave you with a fairly recent pic from last weekend. Some guys from WmForo.comdecided to do a little gaming get-together and here's the result.

I'm the one on the left, holding the MGS4 cover while Danzflor was holding the PS3 controller.   read

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