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Resident Evil (series), Silent Hill (series)
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Lots of toys and lots of games games

and I like to make Bentos

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I have a cat named SuperMilk Chan

and a dog named Max Payne
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Chibi Monkey
12:25 PM on 09.15.2007

I saw this statue of Yuna based off of the wedding scene in FFX and fell in love with it ^_^

I shouldn't be allowed to surf the interwebs cause i end up spending my money and being broke all the time but sadly this time they were sold out = (

It was going for about $200 which is a lot of monies! The ncsxshop was sold out but maybe the Square site still has.

Chibi Monkey
11:38 AM on 09.13.2007

I went a little crazy yesterday ordering things online yesterday one of the things that I ordered was an adorable Blue Dragon two tier bento box with chopsticks set.

I need to order a bag for it because I really donít want the paint on the cover to get scratched off which has happened to another bento box that I have. Anyway I love it and I canít wait for it to get here, I plan to go grocery shopping this weekend so I can get deeper into the bento box making.Right now I don't really have anything in my fridge so I can't make anything to put in the box.

I found this one on in case anyone else is into bento boxes, or if you just like collecting anything that is connected to a video game. ^_^

So I called Microsoft yesterday morning to confirm that I wanted to have my 360 repaired/replaced, the damn thing doesnít want to let me play games. Actually some games work but most either crash 5 minutes into gameplay or give me some kind of Ďdoes not recognize discí message so I decided to just have them change it out. This is the 3rd one Iíve had to send back hopefully this fourth one sticks so I can finally play my games.

The pile of games that I need to play through keeps getting bigger and bigger with each time Iím 360-less though this time they said they would be giving me 1 free month of XBL Gold which really means nothing to me. What about the other months? I should be getting like 3-4 months for free heck they should have given me 6 months or a year free. It seems as though it doesnít matter how many times your 360-less for weeks they just ask you the same questions then send you a box.

Yes, I tried it with out my hard drive.

No, my games are not scratched.

Yes, my 360 is in a well ventilated area.

Oh well, Iíll just keep my fingers cross that this one will be different then the others.

Do you see that? The mug has boobs! I was trying to think of how I could describe this in detail but the only thing I can think of is Ďmug with boobsí. I know DOA has figures with removable clothing so the chicks can be even more naked then they already are but a 3D mug? Thatís freaking crazy! and with that said Iíll order one and rub my mug up on people. ^_^

It comes out in December and they have it at

Chibi Monkey
1:28 PM on 09.11.2007

A little while ago I tried to make some wallpapers I had never made any before nor had I knew much about photoshop but I figured I would try to make some anyway. Here they are:

^Aya Brea from Parasite Eve^

Close up