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According to Yu

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The Challenges The Old Republic Must Face

Editor's Note: Hey readers, I'm sorry. I haven't been fully dedicated to this relationship. Between finals, graduating from college, finding a full-time job and moving out to the west coast, I've had too much on my mind to b...


Geek is the New Chic

We normally talk about video games, but I think there's a new topic I'd like to blog about today. I've had an interesting life. I think about who I've become, and who I'm going to be. A part of the answer to those two questi...


Hello Destructoid!

Hey all, I'm trying to get more serious about this whole "blogging" thing so I am joining the Destructoid community! I usually post my stuff at my personal blog, http://accordingtoyu.wordpress.com but I'll post my posts from there here as well! Please be nice to me... -Yu


About Chibenone of us since 6:45 PM on 12.22.2009

I'm a 22 year old gamer living and working in the San Francisco area.

I grew up playing JRPGs so I have an extensive collection of them. My favorites include Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VII and Xenogears. I also play the Action Adventure genre and First Person Shooters.

Twitter: Chiben6
XBL/PSN: Chiben3

Currently Playing: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Final Fantasy IX

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