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Chiben's blog

2:41 PM on 07.08.2010

Alternate Reality: My Love Life Evolves with Mass Effect

I've never been great at talking to girls when romance is added to the equation. In fact, I'm pretty terrible at it. It's not that I'm not a social creature. I have plenty of friends (some of them women!). Iím one of those ra...   read

2:51 PM on 06.29.2010

The Challenges The Old Republic Must Face

Editor's Note: Hey readers, I'm sorry. I haven't been fully dedicated to this relationship. Between finals, graduating from college, finding a full-time job and moving out to the west coast, I've had too much on my mind to b...   read

5:27 PM on 12.28.2009

Geek is the New Chic

We normally talk about video games, but I think there's a new topic I'd like to blog about today. I've had an interesting life. I think about who I've become, and who I'm going to be. A part of the answer to those two questi...   read

6:59 PM on 12.22.2009

Yuís Views: I Canít Live Without You Boo! (My Top 5)

(Original can be found at Girls are complicated. I should know. Being the pimp that I am, managing relationship with multiple girls is a pain. Sometimes it can get you in trouble. Na, Iím...   read

6:55 PM on 12.22.2009

Hello Destructoid!

Hey all, I'm trying to get more serious about this whole "blogging" thing so I am joining the Destructoid community! I usually post my stuff at my personal blog, but I'll post my posts from there here as well! Please be nice to me... -Yu   read

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