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Chi-Guy's blog

11:27 AM on 02.07.2015

Top 20 Black Video Game Characters (Part 1) [VIDEO]

February is Black History Month, and to celebrate I'd like to talk about some of the greatest black characters in video game history. So I've chosen 20 characters that I'd like to highlight in a pair of videos. The first...   read

8:42 AM on 02.01.2015

Parkour Horror - Dying Light [VIDEO]

Are Johnny and Guy parkour enough to survive the zombie apocalypse?... You know it.    read

2:14 PM on 01.26.2015

Resident Evil HD Survival Guide [VIDEO]

This past week marked the HD release of the Resident Evil Remake. So, many people may be playing the game for the first time, or at least, the first time in a long time. The original Resident Evil games played a lot diff...   read

4:57 AM on 10.19.2014

Two Cousins Play: F.E.A.R. Online

I had my doubts when I heard the F.E.A.R. franchise was joining the realm of Free-2-Play games, but I didn't think it could possibly be this bad. Watch my cousin and I learn why F.E.A.R. truly does lead to anger  Let me know your thoughts on F.E.A.R. Online in the comments.    read

3:48 PM on 09.05.2014

Could Bayonetta 2 Be the Most Important Wii U Release of 2014? [VIDEO]

As I watched last nights Nintendo Direct, I realized I was finally excited for a Wii U game that wasn’t developed by Nintendo or based around a Nintendo franchise. The Wii U has been practicly cursed up until ...   read

1:06 PM on 06.28.2014

Does Shovel Knight Live Up to the Hype? [Video]

This week, the highly anticipated indie platformer, Shovel Knight, was released. I've been playing the game for the last couple days and have detailed my thoughts in the video below. Are you currently playing Shovel Knight? What do you think of the game?   read

1:27 PM on 06.24.2014

Multiplayer in Zelda U?! (Adding Multiplayer to Single-Player Games)

In the video below, I discuss my thoughts on Multiplayer being a part of The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, and the concept of adding multiplayer to traditionally single-player games. [font=georgia, times new roman, serif][/fon...   read

5:49 PM on 06.13.2014

[VIDEO] Batman: Arkham Knight E3 Gameplay Video Analysis

One of my favorite games shown at E3 this year was Batman: Arkham Knight. Being a bit of a Batman fanboy who watched the gameplay video multiple times, I figured Id share some of the things I noticed that you may have missed. Check out my analysis in the video below. Are you excited about Batman: Arkham Knight? What do you hope to see in the game? Let me know in the comments.   read

3:37 PM on 04.21.2013

Let's Play: Surgeon Simulator 2013 (PC) - Chi Guy Gaming


11:09 AM on 04.20.2013

Dead Space 3: Let's Play

Check out my new Let's Play series, Cugini Play. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.   read

1:56 PM on 11.19.2012

Gamers Experience the Wii U on Launch Day

Check out my compilation of gamers' exeperiences with the Wii U on launch day Let me know what you think as I plan to do similar projects in the future. Also, what were some of your experiences with the new system?   read

12:52 AM on 07.11.2012

My Top Comic Con 2012 Exclusive Toys

Continuing off of my previous post of some of my favorite exclusive comic covers that will be available at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) this week, I'm listing my top toy exclusives that will be at the show. As with the comic po...   read

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