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Chi-Guy avatar 9:37 AM on 02.19.2012  (server time)
Street Fighter X Tekken: The Battle Lines Are Drawn

We are only a few weeks away from the first installment in perhaps the greatest fighting game crossover of all time, Capcom's Street Fighter X Tekken. Street Fighter is considered by most to be the current champion of 2D fighting games, and Tekken is amongst the top tier in the 3D fighting circuit. Since the crossover features two completely different types of fighters, it has raised the debate over not only which of these franchises is the better game, but also which style of fighter is the best.

My friends and I are split almost down the middle in this debate. Personally, Iím a 3D fighting enthusiast. My favorite fighting game of all time is Tekken Tag Tournament. 2D fighters arenít completely foreign to me, but the last one I played hardcore was Capcom vs. SNK 2 for the Xbox (still my favorite 2D fighter of all time). The ability to maneuver the stage with actions such as side-stepping gives 3D fighting games a more natural feel for me. I often find myself raging when I lose by getting corner mauled in a 2D fighter, saying things like, ďIf this was Tekken, I could have just side-stepped.Ē Iím sure most of those who prefer 2D fighters have their gripes with 3D as well. My friends who prefer 2D fighters certainly do. With the first game in this crossover series on the horizon, tensions between us have started to rise.

So, those of us who play 3D fighters have taken up Super Street Fighter 4 AE in the past couple of months in order to prepare for Street Fighter X Tekken, since the game will be a 2D fighter. We figured that we would be able to get tips from the friends of ours who play the game regularly, but all weíve been given is beat downs accompanied by taunting. I canít say those of us into 3D fighters would be any different if the roles were reversed. Whenever we get together and play Street Fighter, or anything else competitive, they are on one side of the couch and we are on the other, we seeming have divided into our own Lord of the Flies tribes, the 2D and the 3D. This hasnít actually put any strain on our friendship or anything; this is only prevalent when we play games. Besides, now picking teams in games like Smash Bros. Brawl has become much easier. I canít wait to start the scrapping once the game comes out.

Let me say that just because I prefer 3D fighters doesnít mean I think they are superior. I think the different types of fighters offer different types of gameplay, and whichever you find more fun and engaging is the one you will prefer. If youíre talking Street Fighter vs. Tekken, youíre probably discussing about gameplay elements such as links vs. juggles, as those are two of the main staples from these franchises. It is my opinion that both of these elements are difficult to master, requiring a lot of practice, and they really separate the good players from the great players. I have great respect for both of these franchises and think both of the games in this crossover are going to be a blast.

With having a large group of friends very interested in this upcoming game, itís great to know that it will offer so much in terms of multiplayer. The main mode weíll probably be playing is the Tag style 2v2 as it seems to be the most competitive, although, Iím also very excited about the scramble mode. This is mode allows 2v2 action with all four players on screen at the same time. Even though Scramble mode will probably be plagued with cheap exploits, Iím a huge fan of crazy brawl modes such as this.

All of this being said, as a Tekken player I feel obligated to take the fight online with a Tekken team. Right now, I think my main team will be Asuka and Kazuya, as they are my current mains in Tekken 6. Itís going to be interesting to see how these two fighting game communities interact online. My 3D fighter buddies and I will probably get some serious thrashings, at least in the first month or so. But, we will always have it in the back of our minds that eventually (no idea when), but eventually, many of these street fighters will have to meet us in the Iron Fist Tournament, in Namco's, Tekken X Street Fighter.

So where do you guys stand on this debate? Are you seeing fan boy allegiances causing divisions amongst friends? Who are you planning on having as your main team? What about this crossover excites you?

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