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ChezDispenser's blog

11:09 AM on 04.08.2013

Tropes vs. Women vs. Gamers vs. Everybody Part Two

(This will probably be a retread of some ideas discussed in my earlier blog, but focusing on one particular point I wanted to make. Apologies.) Required (or suggested) reading:   read

12:49 AM on 03.09.2013

Tropes vs. Women vs. Gamers vs. Everybody vs. CHRIST STOP IT.

Okay, so, that video's out. You know the one--where we continue to attack the monster of gender equality in games from the entirely wrong angle? Anita Sarkeesian's video is informative and well presented, but as is typical of...   read

7:18 PM on 02.07.2013

Game devs aren't your bitch.

Okay, so, here's how I look at things, and this is going to be blunt, so allow me to preface all this by saying I have nothing against anyone in particular and just generally disagree with the mentality I'm about to present: ...   read

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